If you’ve ever been sprayed or even gotten a whiff of what an angry skunk smells like, then you know it’s not an exaggeration to call this officer brave.

According to the Rochester, Michigan Police Department, Officer Merlin Taylor responded to a call on Sunday to aid a distressed animal in the street. Taylor arrived to find that it was a young skunk running around in circles, with a yogurt cup stuck firmly on its head.

“Luckily baby skunks can’t spray like adults! Well done Officer Taylor!” Rochester Police wrote on its Facebook page.

Not that it doesn’t try. As you can see it the video, at one point the skunk did try to spray Taylor, but luckily to no great effect. The last thing anybody wants is to smell like putrid garbage—or take a bath in diluted hydrogen peroxide.

A police officer never knows what the day will bring. Officer Taylor was called to the 400 block of W. Third St. this morning for a baby skunk with its head stuck in an empty yogurt container. Luckily baby skunks can’t spray like adults! Well done Officer Taylor!

Posted by Rochester Police on Sunday, August 2, 2015

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4 thoughts on “Video: Michigan Police Officer Rescues Skunk from Yogurt Cup

  1. Thank you for taking this slow-death situation most intuatively and compassionately to task. Few dare (I seriously don’t know why) to save an animal in distress when the solution is so simple. For nearly a decade I have requested Yoplait ® to change the design of their tapered container to stop this very same incident from happening ..so frequently no one will come to the aid of the animal and he dies slowly from dehydration. From a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and nuisance control operator; again thank you, well done.

  2. Every act of compassion and kindness has a ripple effect. This officer deserves recognition for his thoughtful deed.

  3. I have rescued a few skunks but only one has sprayed before I could extricate it. I had to get pretty tough with one that I pulled out of a bird house I certainly understood the reason he fired a warning shot. He was near exhausted when I found him account being trapped for sometime based on the size of the hole he had dug trying to back out. I have chased a number of skunks out of garages and tack rooms and flushed them from under in ground hot tubs with water hoses but none of them ever offered to spray me.

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