The Russian-designed Dragunov rifle is one of the most recognizable firearms in existence—its name and silhouette are almost as well-known as those of the AK and AR-15. However, there isn’t a wealth of information available on Dragunovs in the West, let alone slow-motion footage of them in action. Luckily, the OHub Labs team has good friends in gun places, and we were able to secure access to a Chinese-made Dragunov variant for a recent video shoot.

You can see that rifle in action below. We also brought out a Bulgarian-made AKS-74 clone and a heavily modified Krebs Custom Vepr in 7.62x54mmR.

Special thanks to RS Regulate for lending us the NDM-86 for the shoot! If you like this video, check out our video of an AR-15 with a Slide Fire stock shooting in slow-motion here!

Image by Edward Pierz

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