Hunters are often asked why they hunt, but how they hunt is just as important. Hunting ethics have always been a strong part of what it means to be a hunter, but it has never been as necessary as it is now. It is hard to ignore the current controversies in the hunting world today, where sportsmen and women often find themselves under attack. The rhetoric from the anti-hunting crowd seems to shout out all reason, and that’s why many hunters let their actions speak for who they are, not their words.

Recently, the Boone and Crockett Club released a video reiterating the importance of what it means to be an ethical hunter, and how vital it is to pass on those values.

“Recreational hunting is under attack as never before,” says the club. “A principle target is the image of the ‘unethical hunter,’ a person without respect for wildlife, land, or other wildlife users. In response, a major Club intent under the “Fair Chase Code” is to advocate an ethic of respect in all hunters for wildlife, land, and other users of wildlife.”

From interviews with many different hunters, Boone and Crockett pieces together why the “how” matters.

Image screenshot of video by Boone and Crockett Club on YouTube

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