This shark probably knew it looked cool.

This amazing footage was taken, fittingly, by the team of White Shark Video during a trip to Mossel Bay in South Africa. Sharks don’t usually a have a reputation for being curious, but the great whites living near Mossel Bay are actually fairly inquisitive creatures and come out often to greet ships. Since they have no hands, the sharks satisfy their curiosity by “mouthing” interesting objects, essentially just biting everything softly. During one trip, the White Shark Video crew were training their interns when one shark decided to show off and jumped straight into the air.

If the footage looks familiar to you, it’s actually because the same shark went viral last month when it “photobombed” another shark during a viral video.

The crew isn’t sure exactly why the shark jumped. They suspect that it may have been startled, was trying to communicate with other sharks, or it was simply a way to remove parasites. Or just because it wanted to.

Our theory is that it thought it was a dolphin.

Image screenshot of video by White Shark Video on YouTube

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