Employees of a cleaning service in Georgia had to go hungry last month after a black bear broke into their work truck and made off with all their food. According to WFMY 2, business owner Gilbert Simpson could only watch on in mixed curiosity and horror as the sow ransacked his truck for treats.

Second time in 10 years,” Simpson’s company, Squeaky Clean, stated on its Facebook page. “Not like it happens everyday.”

The company mentioned that it had been an exceptionally hot day so the cleaning crew left the truck’s windows down, giving the bear the perfect opportunity to raid the vehicle. Simpson said he watched as the bear squeezed itself through the window and relaxed in the vehicle. It then began to carry food out of the truck, including a large cache of grape soda.

“The mother bear took my guys’ lunch,” he told WSB-TV. “My employees were on the job site in Big Canoe when she started taking their lunch to feed her cubs.”

At least the bear was a considerate thief. Simpson said that the truck suffered only minimal damage and no one was hurt. Once the food was gone, so was the mother bear and her cubs.

“We have a smile on our face,” he wrote on Facebook. “Not everyday [you] have a bear in your truck!”

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