A tourist vacationing near North Carolina’s Black Mountain range claims he saw something resembling Bigfoot last Thursday, and he managed to capture the entire “encounter” on video.

Eric Walters told WBTV that he had rented a cabin off North Carolina Highway 9 last week and was enjoying a quiet stay in the woods with his wife and friends. At the time, his biggest concern was not mythical creatures, but bears.

“Our neighbors told us there was some bear activity and to be cautious,” he said. “So, when [I] walked the trails I’ve kept my Yorkie, Zippy very close.”

Many wildlife experts advise against bringing dogs on hikes in bear territory, as dogs may instinctively provoke the larger animal and in many cases, result in the bear turning its attention on its owner. Perhaps fortunately for Walters, he did not run into any bears, but he may have found a Sasquatch. During a walk near the cabin on Thursday morning, Waters recorded video of what appears to be a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid walking upright. Whatever it was, it seemed to be inspecting Waters from a distance until Ziggy began barking, at which point it fled.

You can see the video below:

Understandably, many viewers expressed their skepticism of the sighting, including Waters himself.

“Either there’s a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a practical joke,” Waters told the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Others speculated that it could have been a bear walking upright or just a man in a costume. Some claimed that the video was a marketing ploy for the cabin’s rental company, whose sign can be clearly seen in the video. The company, Carolina Mornings Inc., addressed the issue with a post to its Facebook but have not confirmed or denied any involvement in the video.

“Even Big Foot Wants to stay at our properties!!” the company stated online.

Whether or not the sighting is real, Walter’s encounter is yet more proof that Bigfoot remains North America’s most famous cryptid, and that interest is as high as ever in finding the furry creature.

Image screenshot of video by Curious World HD on YouTube

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13 thoughts on ““Bigfoot” Sighting Recorded in North Carolina Mountains

  1. This guy could have had another historic bigfoot sighting film but in a critical part of the film he stops and turns from a once in lifetime opportunity to film bigfoot and turns to film his dog. I hate when spastic morons control the camera and ruin things.

    1. They probably tried taking a more steady shot of him and realized that everyone could see that it was fake so they turned off the 1080p and wobbled the camera around more for take #2

    2. im with Dan, what dumbass goes from filming bigfoot to worrying about his stupid little dog? he should have thrown the dog over to the bigfoot to see if he would eat it and then get closer for some real good footage! why is ALL the footage of bigfoot and ufo’s blurry and jumpy?

      1. just another hoax to get their 15 minutes of fame is the best reason for the jumpy and blurry video. The dog and the acting just adds a little spice to it.

  2. I’m with Don n Obama hater! What idiot films his mutt if it’s a legitimate BF sighting? If it is legit, it’s no wonder they avoid us. As a species many mankind behave like spastic imbeciles.

  3. Reminds me of the cardboard cutout one sightseer used. Either that is someone in a costume or that’s a very emaciated and dehydrated bear. Someone is having a good laugh over this. The poster sounded just like me after a four mile run.

  4. “Thought I’d share our vacation video with you. Oh, and there’s my lovely wife, Hair-riet, over there. And there’s our dog, Zippy. And Hair-riet again; honey, where are you going? She’s so shy!”

  5. IF there was such a thing as a “Bigfoot” it would have been shot by one of the millions and millions of hunters or land owners by now.I have heard of this hoax for 40 plus years. A dead Bigfoot would be worth at least a million dollars if not several. So you can rest assured there are not any!

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