We’ve heard about a drone being taken out by a shotgun, but how about a fishing pole?

A drone photographer was filming San Diego’s Pacific Pier when something unexpected happened. One of the anglers on the pier cast his line at the drone with a wind up reminiscent of a Major League pitcher.

The cast hit the drone and the line quickly became tangled in the rotor forcing it to make an emergency landing.

Image screenshot of video by Tice Ledbetter on YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Video: Fisherman Nails Drone with an Out-of-this-world Cast

  1. ahaha that is SO funny! obviously skills of the fisherman in fishing is better than the pilot of the drone LOL, i don’t understand why owner of the drone SO angry. hah, BTW , want to upgrade my drone, but not sure if to get The Inspire with 2 controllers or just Phantom 3 professional, yeah Inspire is NICE but price is scary.. $3000.. while Phatnom 3 ( per DJI phantom 3 vs DJI Inspire 1 review here http://goo.gl/uuHNqG ) has almost same functions and cost WAY cheaper.

  2. Why is the drone pilot so upset and calling the guy names? Perhaps the pilot has not heard of getting permission before video recording citizens without their consent?

  3. Too low over a fishing spot. If I see one bothering wildlife like that, the pilot will be looking at law enforcement if in a refuge or in public. Does not matter what is said after arrest, discussion will be over harassment of wildlife.
    Drone owners should look at the problems gun owners have with anti-gun folks, if the invasion of privacy continues the same tacts could be used against them!

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