YouTuber NYC CNC just created one of the most advanced “sentry guns” we have ever seen. Even more impressive is that fact that excluding the gun and mount, about $150 of electronics were used in this entire project!

The creator used an Arduino computer and a homemade camera to control the targeting system. The sentry gun has the ability to target based on color, shape, and distance at the moment. Possible future upgrades to the system include thermal targeting and much more. For safety and legal reasons the trigger on this gun is still pulled by a string connected to the operator’s hand. That setup keeps the device from being classified as a machine gun or a boobytrap. The creator is planing on building and version using an airsoft gun to demonstrate the fully-automated sentry mode in the near future.

If you would like to learn more about his project of download the opensource plans you can visit his YouTube channel.

Image screenshot of video by NYC CNC on YouTube

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