Mako sharks are among the fastest of all shark species, and they are also one of the most acrobatic. These torpedo-shaped fish have been observed jumping more than 30 feet in the air, and their seemingly inexhaustible stamina has made them a highly sought-after game fish. Sometimes, anglers almost get the sense that the sharks are aiming straight for them.

According to anglers Ward Kollar and Rick Senske, this 500-pound mako certainly seemed intent on hopping aboard their ship. The fishermen only narrowly escaped this would-be stowaway after Senske—who was operating the camera—put the motor in gear and rushed ahead of the fish.

In the background you can hear Kollar yelling for Senske to speed up as the shark continued to breach.

“The first jump was exciting, and in a flash of a second the second jump was right where the Yamaha motor was, and it got off,” Kollar told GrindTV.

The video was taken off the coast of Huntington Beach in California. The video includes some strong language.

Image screenshot of video by JukinVideo on YouTube

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