Rise and shine!

This spot-and-stalk hunter managed to get the drop on a seemingly oblivious mule deer, and even had the opportunity to poke it with a tripod, sending the startled animal running for the hills.

Not all spot-and-stalk hunts are successful, but hunters who have tried chasing game on foot often will say its their preferred method. Stalking requires skill, patience, and a great degree of stealth, which makes it appealing to those who prefer a different type of challenge.

Ever had a spot-and-stalk to match this? Tag a buddy who would STILL miss. #GetSeriousGetHoytMichael Edwards is on the stalk in this video, posted by @Danny.Farris on IG.

Posted by Hoyt Archery: Maker of the World’s Best Bows on Saturday, August 8, 2015

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