Teaching your children about firearm safety is always a good idea. It’s a bonus if they happen to fall in love with shooting sports.

The little girl in this video needed no convincing as she clearly loves guns! She probably needs a few more years to grow into the .22 rifle she’s shooting in the video, but the “it’s better than picking flowers” tells us she is going to be a shooter for a long time.

“Better than picking flowers” 😉

Posted by Martha Hubbard Reynolds on Friday, August 15, 2014

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4 thoughts on “Video: Little Girl Has the Best Possible Reaction to Shooting a Gun

  1. I own a gunshop and I am also a seasoned gun smith. I am all for teaching young future firearm owners safety etc….
    This little cutie should have been wearing safety glasses and hearing protection!!!

  2. Yes, shooting glasses & hearing protection are always mandatory. Plus, she was allowed to swing the barrel around, pointing it dangerous to the person holding the camera person after shooting, with the bolt closed. How ever cute it might be, this is NOT how to mentor a young shooter.

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