This is pretty high on our list of things to never do.

In this video, Costa Rican tour guide Jason Vargas Aguero demonstrates his trademark crocodile feeding method. Aguero, who operates the Crocodile Man Tour in Costa Rica’s Tarcoles River, is famous for feeding his pet crocodiles from his own mouth. Using a piece of chicken or fish, the daredevil tour guide slaps the surface of the water to get the animal’s attention and then places the meat in his mouth, lowering it slowly towards the crocodile’s snout. For obvious reasons, there is a number of ways this could go wrong. A mistake from the lunging crocodile could cost Aguero his life.

“I do it because it gives me a thrill, lots of adrenaline,” Aguero told the Daily Mail.

You can see the tour guide in action below.

Image screenshot of video by Aj Jones on YouTube

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