Specifically, how many rounds would it take to melt a fully automatic Gen 3 Glock 17? You can probably tell by the huge pile of magazines in the video below that it’s going to take a while.

From behind the protection of a welding helmet, Eric of Iraqveteran8888 runs through mag after mag like he has an orchard of 9x19mm trees growing in his backyard. The Glock he’s using was modified by Quiet Riot Firearms—with the proper paperwork—to add a registered auto sear that turns the iconic semiautomatic pistol into something that absolutely requires a stock. So how well will polymer hold up under continuous fire? The results may surprise you.

Glock’s warranty department is not going to be happy about this.

Image screenshot of video by Iraqveteran8888 on YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Video: How Many Rounds Does It Take to Melt a Glock?

  1. Is legal to convert a semi automatic pistol likes the Glock 17 in a full auto machine pistol?

  2. This is a great testament to Glock quality. But honestly, “Billy Bob” who did the testing and commentary has no command of the English language. This makes all of us who are active in the shooting sports look bad. The stereotype is already there, this unfortunately reinforces it all.

      1. Absolutely. The guy was great.

        The whole, “He sounds like a redneck” thing is so completely Liberal PC nonsense. Let the Hillary Clintons and BOs of the world be elitists, that doesn’t suit real people.

    1. John, perhaps you would provide a link to your videos? I would certainly appreciate a video from someone that speaks for “all of us who are active in the shooting sports”. Maybe you could give “Billy Bob” a few pointers on how to better “command his English language”. I feel sure from reading your comment that you have much to teach those of us that may be grammatically challenged. After all, the proper command of English is very important when at the range melting Glocks.

  3. Having the common sense to NOT try these things myself, I get a kick out of watching others go that extra mile. C’mon, how could you be a gun nut and not enjoy watching somebody run a gun to it’s limits. I will say, he puts an awful lot of faith into a welding helmet and a pair of work gloves !

  4. Great vid. There are a lot of great pistols out there, and I don’t slam any of them. My wife swears by her Beretta 92 and she is dead accurate with it.

    But I have relied on my Gen 3 Glock 21 for years. Before deploying to Iraq for over 2 years as a private security professional, I ran hundreds and hundreds of rounds through my Glock at the range and USPSA meets to get ready to deploy with one failure that was a bad round that failed to fire. Once I was there, I carried a G17 through many missions with absolute confidence.

    People can say what they want about the “no safety” issues or the “clunky feel,” but Glocks perform and they do what they are advertised to do.

    Sigs are great, and I love both my 1911 and my XD, but Glocks are just plain awesome.

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