A five-pound largemouth bass suddenly found itself on a lower rung of the food chain after this absolutely massive snook shows up and cornered it. This video was taken by Captain Danny Barrow somewhere in Florida, and the experienced angler is floored by what he is seeing.

“On my way back to the boat I witnessed what looked to two 30lb. plus Snook cruising alongside this 45 to 50lb. Snook,” he wrote on Facebook. “I turned on the video [camera] and watched in amazement as she [pummeled] this 4 to 5 lb. Largemouth Bass. A once in a lifetime moment!”

Barrow later said that the snook was probably closer to the 40 pound range, but still an amazing fish nonetheless.

We all tell a fish tail now and then! “I lied”, She probably weighed 40+, Hahahahaa

Posted by Capt-Danny Barrow on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Image from Facebook

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5 thoughts on “Video: Huge Snook Attacks Largemouth Bass

  1. A snook is a saltwater fish, a l.m. bass is a freshwater species so where were they together in the same water? I think this was kinda set up. I’m guessing the bass was caught from fresh water and put in salt water knowing these snook come in close to shore here.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for reading! While we’re not sure of the specific circumstances behind this video, snook and bass can both survive in brackish water and may occasionally be found in the same area, especially in Florida. It is rare to see them fight like this though!

    2. Theres is rivers all thru Florida that r fresh water snook will go in freshwater and i have seen bass in brackish water at the edge of the gulf

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