Firearm design in the 3D printing world sure has come a long way since Cody Wilson released the “Liberator” in May 2013. At the time, the single-shot .380 pistol was considered a breakthrough in what could be done with 3D printing. Now other enthusiasts have taken the same idea and improved upon it. Instead of using all printed parts, why not take the best of existing designs and meld them together? This type of thinking has led to 3D printing becoming a veritable playground for firearm designers, and a breeding ground for strange hybrid guns.

According to, this 9x19mm pistol is assembled from a metal Glock 17 barrel, an AR fire-control group, a homemade bolt, and 3D-printed upper and lower receivers, bolt carrier, and magazines. The weapon was constructed by an YouTube user named Derwoodvw, who named it the “Shuty.”

You can see it being test-fired below:

How it’s assembled:

A more recent test fire:

Image screenshot of video by derwoodvw on YouTube

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