Some times you read a headline and think “that can’t be real.” This is one of those times, and yes, it’s very real.

This weekend photos and videos of a tiger inside of Detroit’s Packard plant started showing up on social media. One of those videos, which you can watch below, shows a man pushing back a tiger with a weed whacker. The event caused many people to question whether or not the footage was real or the work of a special-effects wizard.

Today The Detroit Free Press confirmed that this was actually footage of a tiger, but it was not on the “loose” as many viewers had speculated (though apparently the encounter on the staircase was unplanned). The animal was there as part of an unauthorized photo shoot, and the incident is currently under investigation by the property owners.

“Remember, no talking near the tiger.” Or: When your friend calls and says he needs help getting a tiger out of a staircase, you listen. (I just happened to be the closest dumb person to the scene. The real crime here is that I used vertical video, apologies to the world.) #tigerwatch15 #tigerwatch2015

Posted by Andy Didorosi on Monday, August 17, 2015

Image screenshot of video by Andy Didorosi on Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Video: Man Fends Off Tiger with Weed Wacker in Abandoned Detroit Building

  1. Please, why would the Outdoor Hub even publish this stupid nonsense!….Anyone that would believe this has a pretty low IQ…Of course, you are talking about intercity Detroit, the armpit of Michigan. Not sure about now, but to own a exotic cat in Michigan was banned a several years ago.

    1. Jeez, buddy,

      Sit down, relax, try some deep breathing. Sure, the headline was misleading, and opening the article was a complete waste of my time but I’m concerned about more important matters.

      Big cats outlawed years ago in Michigan?? Based on the law I’d guess that it’s “impossible” for this tiger to actually exist there. I imagine that Michigan’s also outlawed the possession of firearms by “gang banging” convicted felons….no big cats, no tigers, no criminals with guns – must be really safe there! Right???

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