In the blink of an eye, Africa’s most notorious predator suddenly found itself on the opposite end of a chase thanks to a determined wildebeest. A tourist in Kenya’s Maasai Mara park managed to catch this almost comical encounter on video.

The clip starts off predictably enough with a female lion chasing what it thought was lunch. Just seconds after the two animals run out of sight, the lion comes rushing back into view with the wildebeest hot at its heels.

Just like the tourist who took this video, we wonder what happened behind that corner. Perhaps it noticed the sudden and suspicious lack of other lionesses? Or maybe the wildebeest just decided to show it the horns? Some things we may never know.

“On second thought…” “On second thought…” Taken of a Lion chasing a Wildebeest (or the other way around) in Masai Mara at a migration crossing. Would love to know what went down behind that corner..

Posted by Carter Harrell on Friday, August 14, 2015

Image screenshot of video by Carter Harrell on YouTube

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