Nature is sometimes hard to watch. Deer are not exactly known for their aggression, but that changes in the rut. During this time, bucks put the antlers they spent months growing to good use as sharp, multi-pointed weapons. Fights between rival bucks can often end in death, sometimes even for both bucks if they had the bad luck to get antlerlocked during the battle.

This video was recorded by hunters with MuleyBull Outfitters in Arizona. In it, an especially aggressive buck chases after another male and continuously attacks it until it falls over. According to the hunters, the deer later died from its wounds.

“Shows how brutal life can be in the wild. Just another day in the life of a muley buck,” said the video description.

The way the buck stares at the camera in the end is somewhat chilling.

Image screenshot of video by MuleyBull Outfitters LLC on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Brutal Fight Between Two Mule Deer Bucks Ends in Fatality

  1. The old guy probably took out a few others in his life. Antis say hunting is cruel? Too bad some hunter didn’t get the old guy before the fight began.

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