This hunter either forgot to load a projectile in his muzzleloader or this deer is actually bulletproof. If you’ve never seen a hunter take a super-close shot at a deer, “hit” it, and have the animal run off fine as rain, you’re about to.

In this video, Drury Outdoors team member Rod Owen has the good fortune to get a buck come within 10 yards in a 2012 hunt. Owen takes up his muzzleloader and makes what should have been a perfect shot. However, what comes out of the end of the barrel looks more like a fireworks display than a bullet. In fact, you can see what appears to be smoking powder pellets bounce right of the deer.

What happened? Odds are that Owen simply forgot to load a bullet. In defense of “Roman Candle” Rod, however, the hunter later said that it had been many years since he hunted deer with a gun. Owen is an avid bowhunter and currently holds over 20 Pope and Young-rated bucks, along with two county records.

Image screenshot of video by DruryOutdoors on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Deer Shrugs Off Point-blank Muzzleloader Shot

  1. He didn’t have a bullet in his barrel.
    I’ve had a buddy do this on a doe,but was using pellets.they didn’t fire right,and he just got a streamline of smoke that went below the deer.

  2. Could have had a bullet in but was not tight enough. Same thing happened to my dad on a buck. Was using a new brand of bullets. Unfortunately didn’t really practice with the new bullets. Tested later and they all did the same thing. He ended up buying thicker sabots and then they shot great.

  3. Same thing happened to me, although i found the sabot that hit my deer. Turns out my powder charges had gotten wet or damp at somepoint. Now i buy new charges EVERY year

  4. This is the problem with hunting with a cameraman in the same tree!! If he had been Solo-cam hunting, he could’ve deleted it, and claimed that it never happened!! That’s as bad as walking to your stand, and the big buck walks out of the hedgerow right in front of you, so up goes the shotgun, off goes the safety, you squeeze that trigger, and you hear a sickening snap! You hadn’t loaded the gun yet… bye bye Mr. BUCK!!

  5. shot a lil 8 point one time with my shotgun hit him in the antler and knocked him out. Ended up he came to and was in shock I ended up grabbing him by the back of his neck and walked him thru the woods for a couple hundred yards till he finally regained his senses and walked away down a ravine. Wish my buddy had been with me that day would have walked him to his stand and asked him what do you think about this one AAAKAKAKAKAKA

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