At 600 pounds and 12 feet long, Elvis the alligator is a powerful predator. Alongside crocodiles, alligators have some of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom. Scientists have calculated their biting power at around 3,000 psi, far eclipsing other large predators such as lions and tigers.

“Having been bitten by a smaller gator I was curious what would happen if a very large one like Elvis was to bite me,” Jason McDonald, Elvis’ handler, told the Daily Mail.

Curious is not the word we would choose. Nonetheless, McDonald set out to test Elvis and his powerful jaws by using a watermelon. A relatively soft fruit like watermelon isn’t the best approximation of human anatomy, but it’s still impressive to see this gator crush it.

McDonald later said Elvis seemed to be confused by the fruit and wasn’t sure what to do with it, so the gator spat it back out.

Image screenshot of video by jason mcdonald on YouTube

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