Sometimes ice fishing can get a little boring, especially if you run out of beer or propane. It seems like Nils Bremer, the uploader of this video, got a more than a little bored on the ice because he decided to launch rockets under it, with surprisingly explosive results.

First Nils broke a hole in the ice with a broom handle, and then he placed the rocket in the water with the fuse hanging out.

After lighting the fuse the rocket zipped away under the surface ice and spectacularly exploded about 30 feet away.

Image screenshot of video by Nils Bremer on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: This is What Happens When You Launch a Rocket Under a Frozen Lake

  1. And there’s that fake, forced hi pitched laugh that seems to be the norm for utube. What was so funny?…….nothing….nothing at all.
    Here’s a tip for all of you utubers. ….. dump the fake laugh like it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever witnessed in your life. And if your a hunter, there is NOTHING funny about killing an animal. Be grateful. Be humble and thank god and that animal ….otherwise it’s about nothing more than killing an animal…..and if somebody one day films you getting shredded by a pack of wolves I’m sure we’ll enjoy the comedy clip we make of it. Respect nature and above all…ditch the fake laughs. It sounds stupid and cries “look at me” 😉

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