Australian wildlife expert Tim Faulkner has spent nearly his entire life working with dangerous reptiles, and in Australia, that can be risky business. However, while the land down under may have some of the deadliest snakes in the world, that doesn’t make them especially smart.

Faulkner recently posted a online showing him and his team rescuing a red-bellied black snake from what appears to be an old bourbon or beer can. It should be noted that red-bellied black snakes are only considered less dangerous due to how venomous other Australian snakes are. These snakes can still inject a hellish cocktail of neurotoxins, mytotoxins, and other nasty things into an unsuspecting victim. Nevertheless, Faulkner extracted the snake skillfully from its tin prison and released it.

“Luckily for this fella he didn’t have any lacerations around the site where the can was,” Faulkner wrote online. “If there were, we would have to take him to our vet and hold the snake whilst our vet inspects and treats.”

Tim Faulkner rescues red-bellied black snake stuck in tin canTim Faulkner and the team at The Australian Reptile Park rescue a red-bellied black snake from an old tin can!

Posted by Tim Faulkner on Monday, August 24, 2015

Image from Facebook

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One thought on “Video: Australian Man Rescues Venomous Snake from Tin Can

  1. I think if we look closely , we might see Steve Erwin watching over Faulkner’s shoulder with an approving smile .

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