Kangaroos are not normally scary creatures—unless you run into several dozen of them staring silently at you as you ride past them on your bicycle on a deserted road. That’s exactly what happened to Ben Vezina, and the video he took is chilling. According to Good Morning America, Vezina was riding through Hawkstone Park in Victoria, Australia when he came across a large troop of kangaroos.

“I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little terrified,” Vezina said on camera as he rode on through.

Of course, there was little to worry about. Kangaroos rarely confront humans and, even in large groups, are not usually considered dangerous.

“Kangaroos are nice animals who don’t gather like hordes and attack people, they coexist with people and never attack them. This video is proof,” the bicyclist wrote on YouTube. Video includes some harsh language.

Image screenshot of video by Ben Vezina on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Cyclist Spooked by Eerily Silent “Kangaroo Apocalypse”

  1. This guy obviously is a city boy with no real life experience. Maybe he should take his mummy with him when he rides his tricycle…

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