Walmart will no longer be selling AR-15 rifles, or any other rifles the company has classified as modern sporting rifles, in its stores. The massive retail chain will now be selling out its remaining inventory—in some cases at a discounted price—and once the stock is gone, customers will no longer be able to purchase these types of rifles from the chain. Walmart spokespeople have clarified that the company will also be dropping some types of shotguns and other “high capacity” rifles as well.

According to Senior Director for Corporate Communications Kory Lundberg, the move was the result of a business decision rather than a political one.

“Early this spring we made the decision to no longer carrying those items and instead focus on other hunting and sportsman firearms such as shotguns and rifles based on customer demand,” he told OutdoorHub in an email. “Our merchandising decisions are driven by largely customer demand. In our everyday course of doing business, we are continually reviewing and adjusting our product assortment to meet our customers’ needs.”

AR-15s and other modern sporting rifles are sold in less than a third of Walmart stores and have allegedly been lagging behind in sales during recent months. Walmart claims to have an easier time moving bolt-action rifles, shotguns, lever-action rifles, and other firearms.

“In order to expand our offerings of traditional guns we had to make more space and discontinue guns that were not selling. This is really about providing our customers with what they want to purchase,” a company representative told The Firearm Blog.

There have also been reports of steep discounts on the few remaining AR-15s in Walmart stores. Although many Walmart locations that stocked these items sold out long ago, a few stores are now dropping prices by more than 50 percent in an attempt to empty their inventory.

“We were told that we would have a shipment coming in of ARs that were not selling in other states, to sell them at the half price mark here,” an anonymous Kentucky Walmart manager told The Truth About Guns. “Other firearms such as ‘hi cap’ shotguns, even Ruger 10/22s with the synthetic stock, went half off as well. The wood stock Ruger and Take down model stayed regular price. Certain hunting shotguns also went half off. The $890 Remington Versa Max was sold at half price for example. H&R pump actions from near $200 were $89.”

The current AR-15 for sale at Walmart have been reported to be as low as $250 and Lundberg did confirm that some stores are still offering steep discounts. The spokesman also stated that accessories and ammunition for the discontinued firearms will still be sold.

Image from Raysonho on the Wikimedia Commons

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21 thoughts on “Walmart Pulls AR-15s, Some Shotguns from Stores

  1. First I would find out if any of the “Arms” air on a Recall List, before Jumping to Conclusions. But Personally, I think it’s Walmart’s Insurance Carrier. Their “Threatening” NOT TO INSURE Walmart over certain Items Sold In Their Store’s Nationwide…

  2. Who cares. Good on walmart. I’m all for ar15s and the stores that sell them. That said, the Walmart near me has had the same 3 ar15s in the case for 8 months or more. All the other guns in the cases have sold and been replaced by other guns, except for the circuit judge that’s been sitting there as long as the ars. At least they aren’t doing what Dick’s sporting goods did when they shunned everything and everyone ar

  3. Maybe they can use the freed up funds and sporting goods shelf space for .22 LR ammo.
    Our store in Hudson WI has been out for over a year.

  4. That’s just damned ridiculous. I keep wanting a 556/223 but we need other things at the moment. It’s hell living on Social Security check to check!

  5. That is WM choice and their stockholders went along… but amusing how some howl and bay about store/stockholders doing what it wants, when they rant about what they want. Stockholder choice and reading some of the paranoid rants, can see why WM would not want to sell them… There really is no need for the 30Rd mags, “tactical shotguns” and such for sporting use.. if readers like them so much, well Army and Marines still hiring.. So tone it down, WM stockholders and others have right to do this, if it offends, shot somewhere else, most would prefer you do. And NO not politically or “dearming citizens”, just tha t”citizens getting real fed up on gun laws that are “every gun for everyone”, permitted carry with NO real training in guns or law in most states. The cure is for normal everyday citizens, not zealous on either side, no extreme or paranoids, to sit down and come up with sane gun laws, not NRA gun laws, not anti-gun laws… just sane laws that make us all safer, made by sane citizens, not lobbyists buying elected. WM and others, as well as citizens cannot find any real sporting use for this tactical stuff, nor do real sportspeople. Play soldier, well as said military is hiring…

      1. We post longest posts some would have something to do all day, AKA read facts and by looks of some post, my post might take them all weekend.

    1. F W should change it to H W for half wit . Everybody knows you can’t import AR’s from China ; Rugers are made in the U.S.A. too . Maybe Wal-Mart willl sell AK’s instead , they can most likely get them at a discount from the Putin Dictatorship .

      1. Where ws any comment made about China, please show me that one, IT WAS THE WM stockholders that decided on getting rid of such childish toys. and instead sell sporting guns

      2. Again, where is ANY mention of China or Ruger or such…Next time someone reads articles for you, get someone more functionally literate.

    2. fw-

      The reason behind the 2nd is not for sporting purposes.

      As put by Reid Hendrichs of Valor Ridge, there is only 2 reasons for the 2nd. To kill tyrants and criminals.


      He has a youtube channel and goes in to detail in several videos about the Founding Fathers perspective and court ruling and lawyers opions from the 1800’s Supreme Court on down.

      Gun owners such as your self who are willing to bargain away your rights will end up losing them for all of US!!!

      As for Wal-Mart giving up on the ARs. Wish I could have caught the sale.

      Just built 1 though that I saved $200 off their cost by buying what I wanted from various retailers on line, piece by piece as I had the money.

      Wal-Mart could not compete with the home builder.


  6. Why is it that these corporate morons making politically-driven decisions always begin by announcing that politics has nothing to do with it? They must believe that we’re all idiots.

    1. Well some are idiots as the change was made at stockholder meeting by vote. The stockholders did not feel these type of guns are sporting guns.. nor are tactical shotguns, they are killing machines and it seems not wanted for a family type store So idiots are who?

  7. Truth is , until we find a way to get the guns out of the hands of gang bangers , thieves , druggies and the mentally disturbed, new gun laws will do diddly squat nothing ! All of the guns can be removed from every honest law abiding citizen and you will still have theatre shootings,school shootings, domestic violence deaths, and innocent reporters shot . Evil will find a way to do evil because the gun laws are targeted towards good honest people, not evil harmful people .
    Some people will deny this because they are afraid to admit very little has and can be done to disarm criminals, and so it goes .

    1. There is also the very big issue that NRA and minions will not allow any laws to be passed such as 100% background checks and really tough laws for carry permits and such as now days one can carry a M16 pistol inside coat and never had to fire a shot of take course in guns safety, qualify with carry gun or one minute spent of gun laws… These items would clear up lots of the issue and give better image of gun owners, rather then crazed extremest militia types… Time now for sane folks on both sides of gun issue to sit down and discuss sane gun laws, no extremists or lobbyists on either side be allowed in. sane USA citizens could arrive at sane gun laws if allowed to do it, without nit wits involved from either extreme and lobby money-lobbyists kept out.

  8. to fw,

    You have some good points, but it appears that you do not understand many issues/facts concerning firearms use and ownership. If someone is carrying an M16 pistol (fully automatic capable) concealed there are four scenarios at play here to determine the legality of this. If it is being done illegally, see Jeffrey’s post. To be done legally the carrier would have to apply for a “machine gun” permit and be approved by the BATFE. This is a lengthy process and I would assume the BATFE is rather thorough in checking whom they approve for this permit. The pistol would also have to be purchased from a specially licensed class 3 dealer at a highly expensive cost. Assuming the person legally owns the M16 pistol but is carrying it concealed illegally (not a likely risk a full auto permitted person would take) then Jeffrey’s comment applies as well. If the person legally owns the pistol and is legally carrying it concealed they most likely would had to have taken a concealed carry class that included live firing instruction and coverage of legal aspects of firearm ownership and use ( I am not intimately familiar with all states requirements but believe this applies to the vast majority ).

    Also, If we are going to be able to pick and choose who gets a say in which aspects of government and the constitution, then I have a few lists of my own. Why do people that don’t pay certain taxes get to vote on tax rates for those that do ?
    If you don’t contribute financially to the US and local governments why do you get to vote at all ?
    Why do politicians get to decide their own pay, but vote against unions that merely get to negotiate for pay rates ?
    I could go on, but I think you get the idea. If you want to live in a perfect world invest in space travel, perhaps one day they will find one.

  9. As a Walmart employee I can understand and appreciate the fact that they are removing the ARS and other non selling weapons from their shelves. As an avid outdoorsman and an avid hunter I also applaud Walmart decision to remove these weapons. I understand that there are some people who use the AR 15 to hunt with us however most are building the AR 15 or purchasing the AR 15 for recreational shooting. With this said there are many many many gun stores and sporting good outlets to be able to get these rifles so why is everyone upset at Walmart is discontinuing the non selling items in their stores? If you own a retail business and had things in that business that stayed on the shelf for 6 months to a year would you continue to stock that item just for the convenience of a couple of people in the surrounding area? I don’t think you would so why come down on Walmart for discontinuing certain types and brands of firearms that are not selling. This is what is wrong with America in today’s society everybody is quick to assume that everything is politically or racially motivated and everybody is quick to assume that just because a national retail chain pulls something out of their store that is not selling that it has to be either politically or racially motivated. It’s time for us to get past all of this nonsense and understand that decisions are made based on profit and loss margins.

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