Video: Terrified Kayak Angler Tries to Outrun a Thunderstorm


Checking the weather before you leave can not only save your fishing trip, it can very well save your life. Unfortunately, sometimes even then you’ll still be surprised by the occasional freak storm. This terrifying video was taken by kayak angler Erik Walasek near Aripeka, Florida on August 15. Walasek was taking advantage of the sunny weather to catch some dinner, but what had been clear skies suddenly darkened with the onset of a thunderstorm. When lightning struck the water behind him, he knew he was in trouble.

“In the summer, the storms literally pop up wherever they want to,” Walasek told ABC News.

Some experts advise that as soon as you hear a storm in the distance, you should immediately begin paddling towards shore. That is exactly what Walasek and one of his fellow anglers did, but they soon found themselves being chased by the storm and ended up in a mad dash to dry land. The angler said he was terrified during the experience, but not about to give up paddling just yet.

“I’ll just be a little more wary when the storms roll in,” he said.

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