Video: Anglers Realize They’re Drifting Over a Drop Too Late


There are few things more frustrating than telling your buddy about the danger of potential imminent death, only for him to laugh it off and inform you that you’re wrong. In the following video, a pair of anglers come dangerously close to an artificial drop, despite repeated and frantic warnings from the passenger. Distracted by his rendition of Merle Haggard’s “The Fightin’ Side of Me,” the other angler cheerfully—and obliviously—brushes him off. He later realizes (perhaps too late) that his friend was right.

Hopefully they were caught on the lip and managed to back out, otherwise they could have been seriously injured. We don’t know what happened to the men afterwards as the video cuts off shortly before the boat reaches the edge. Let this be a warning that you should always take your fellow anglers seriously—especially if there are signs posted advising you to turn back.

To be honest, we would probably not fish with Robert anymore. Video includes some strong language.

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