Hunters in San Angelo are upset after a recent incident with guards from Goodfellow Air Force Base. On Tuesday, the opening day of dove season in Texas, six hunters were detained by base personnel while traveling through private farmland adjacent to the base. The property was leased by the company that organized the hunt, Wildlife Systems, and had been used previously for hunting. Despite that, 17th Training Wing Security Forces entered the property and detained the hunting party—which reportedly also included the property owner.

“I’m disappointed in our local Goodfellow Airforce Base Security for what they did today,” wrote Greg Simons, the operator of Wildlife Systems, on Facebook. “On a farm field that we lease that’s adjacent to the Base, surrounded by a security fence, they swarmed our group of 6 hunters, made them lay on their belly, spread eagle, for almost 30 minutes at gunpoint, two of them on asphalt in almost 100 degree temps and would not let them move, with our hunters pleading with them. One was laying in a red ant bed and they would not let him move.”

Base officials later stated that the hunters were detained because they were believed to be a threat, especially due to their proximity to the base. After it was determined that the hunters were only after doves, base officials said they were promptly released. According to the San Angelo Standard-Times, the hunters actually met with local police and wildlife wardens just to make sure such an incident would not occur.

“What’s even more amazing is that our local television news was there and minutes earlier had finished filming an interview on the importance of hunting to our local economy. Appears they may have also filmed this very unfortunate event,” Simons wrote. “Seems to me that Goodfellow should provide a formal apology to some folks. I’m thankful to our local police department for intervening and providing some relief to this matter.”

Sure enough, the local news crew, KIDY, did record footage of the incident. You can see the video below.

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136 thoughts on “Texas Air Force Personnel Detain Dove Hunters on Private Property

  1. Have both the base commander and the heads of security been relieved of duty for not knowing what was around the base they are RESPONSIBLE for? Where’s the leadership?

    1. Hunters have to prepare for all manner of confrontations -with anti-hunting maniacs, whiny exurbanites and other hunters. Being attacked by the military is kind of a new wrinkle but not particularly surprising. The troops who abused the hunters should be tried in civilian court and, if the facts are as presented, gifted with felony convictions and sent to prison.

      1. Anon, it’s a federal crime for the military to police civilians on non-military property.

        Since it’s illegal for them to do that, those soldiers are guilty of these crimes :

        Trespassing on Private Property
        Agrevated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
        Impersonating a Police Officer

        Any number of numerous felonies that could have been avoided had those asshats simply stayed on base and minded their own fucking business. Like base security. On the base.

        I’m not ripping on soldiers in general, but there is a reason why the rest of the military laughs at the “Chair Force”.

        I was on a training mission one time when I was a scout. Bunch of AF ninnies singing and laughing around a camp fire.

        If my unit and I had actually been an enemy, we could have easily snuck up behind them and slit their throats.

      2. I guess I’m going to have to stop visiting and enjoying this OUTDOORS HUB website, because it’s obvious to me now (viewing most of these comments) that the majority of you assholes don’t have a clue about what’s facing OUR OWN TROOPS these days, even here at home!

        You should be ashamed to call yourselves AMERICAN SPORTSMEN! Not one of you asked if those hunters bird shot was landing on MILITARY PROPERTY, or if they were firing in that general direction! I SEE AN OBVIOUSLY MILITARY, BARBED WIRE, PERIMETER FENCE SURROUNDING ONE OF OUR BASES!

        These idiots are complaining about being relieved of their weapons, forced to lay on the ground, until our men find out whether their friend or foe!!!
        YOU PEOPLE HAVE LOST YOUR MINDS! IF YOU FIRE OVER OR AT A MILITARY INSTALLATION, DON’T ACT SURPRISED IF OUR TROOPS RETURN FIRE, BECAUSE THEY HAVE THAT RIGHT!!! THAT’S WHAT WE PAY THEM TO DO. THESE ARE DANGEROUS TIMES, PEOPLE. USE YOUR BRAINS !!! AND FUCK YOUR “WE’RE ON PRIVATE PROPERTY, AND CAN DO ANYTHING WE LIKE, CAUSE MY DADDY OWNS THIS PROPERTY, MENTALITIES! YOU ARE IDIOTS! And to those soldiers I say, glad your training kept you from blasting THESE IGNORANT FUCKS, because they obviously live in their own little fantasy worlds and don’t realize we have to be on guard 24 hrs a day, even right here at home, for crazy fuckers with guns! They’ll grow up, ONE DAY!

      3. Jeez, Officers doing Homeland Security Patrol are now felons?? Birds on film were flying INTO the base.. Bad location for a lease, at best.. Red ants, hot blacktop, half hour detention – Ah, the outdoor experience, as stated by the mighty hunters…


      5. You, and all the rest of the losers on here, are ignorant, whiny, and misguided. You are seriously suggesting that these Security Forces personnel be convicted of a felony for investigating a perceived threat to the base? In what world do you imagine that makes any sense? What if you were assulted or shot 5 feet from the gate? Would you applaud these same SecFo personnel as they waited for the local police to show up since it was outside of their jurisdiction? No, because that’s retarded. You’d probably bitch and try to sue them for not intervening.

        They saw a possible threat, temporarily neutralized it while they assessed the situation, then let the people go free. Just like the professionals they are. Go back to your armchair and try quarterbacking something you understand…like tic-tac-toe.

    2. Ummm, What? I don’t know what world you live in where firing any firearm near ANY military installation without making sure they know would ever be a good idea. The hunters were never arrested. They were detained. Do you know what that means? No. You clearly don’t. AND the reason the patrolmen were dispatched was to FIND out what was going on around the base. So what you’re accusing them of is exactly what they were doing. Pull your head out of your ass!

      1. I don’t know what world you live in but in America we have this thing called rights. And we also have this thing called private property. If the base doesn’t want people around the base carrying guns that too bad. Maybe they need to move the base out away from the people who wish to enjoy their God given, Constitutionally affirmed rights! This crap of “we’re going to treat you like criminals until we are satisfied your not” BS has to stop. WE THE PEOPLE are the ones with the rights. Government has no rights but rather has limits and boundaries.

      2. They were ILLEGALLY detained. The military police have no jurisdiction off the base and the hunters were engaged in lawful activity on private property.

      3. They were unlawfully detained. Reading comprehension seems to be a problem for you. The article clearly states that the hunters were traveling through the property when they were stopped and detained. No law enforcement officer was the right or authority to detain law abiding citizens in that manner without some evidence of a crime. Those Security Police over stepped their bounds. And before you start the crap about, “… what’s facing OUR OWN TROOPS these days, even here at home!”, I’m a former US Army NCO with then years and two deployments under my belt before the loss of my legs, due to that second deployment, ended my career.

      4. Its funny how people watch TV shows and feel like that small amount of information gives them the right to discuss a topic like they’re experts. It is in fact LEGAL for military personnel to police the area around the base. Private property or not. It only requires that a threat is perceived. Unknown large party firing weapons + close proximity to base fence = threat. I spent 6 years in an installation JAG and this is common knowledge among people that any understanding WHATSOEVER of the law surrounding the subject. Now, if you’d like, continue talking out of your ass, but you’re completely and utterly wrong if you think what these Security Forces personnel were doing was illegal.

        On a side note, these dove hunters should feel pretty stupid firing rifles so close to a military installation. That base is surrounded by miles of flat, brush-covered land perfect for dove hunting. Why the fuck were they so close to the base fence?

      5. On a side note, these dove hunters should feel pretty stupid firing rifles so close to a military installation. That base is surrounded by miles of flat, brush-covered land perfect for dove hunting. Why the fuck were they so close to the base fence?

        Charles, you’re actually saying that dove hunters were shooting rifles at migratory birds? Surely you can’t be serious! It’s only legal to shoot them with shotguns, and only when they are flying. Furthermore, shotguns have a shorter effective range than rifles.

        I’m pretty sure the neighboring land owners have been hunting and leasing out hunting rights long before there was any air base. The story didn’t say they were shooting toward the air base, and why should they? It has a security fence around it that would make it difficult to retreive any doves they might shoot.

    3. It’s bad that these hunters had to lay down on the hot pavement, and go through the usual “yada, yada, yada, that the cops, military or civilian usually do” but nobody yet has asked: What direction were they “shooting those doves”??? Was it TOWARDS THE MILITARY PROPERTY, AND WAS THEIR LEAD LANDING ON BASE PROPERTY??? Until someone ascertains THAT INFORMATION, I suggest you wait to condemn those base personnel.

      If in fact, that lead was raining down on MILITARY PROPERTY, you can’t make the judgement that these were Government Bullies. Because regardless of what you may think about your American rights and Citizenship protections include, IF YOU FIRE TOWARDS A US MILITARY INSTALLATION, OR IF YOUR PROJECTILES ARE LANDING ON SAID PROPERTY, THOSE PERSONNEL NOT ONLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DETAIN YOU, THEY “COULD” RETURN YOUR FIRE !!! Use your brains folks!!! And don’t give me the usual excuse of, “It’s ONLY birdshot” because you think that’s OK, it ain’t, and those boys could have been armed with M16’s and returned some complementary lead, over in YOUR direction! You wouldn’t appreciate it, I’m sure!

      We live in Dangerous Times folks!!! And our soldiers have orders that they must follow to the letter, if they are to survive, and defend our country from any crazy-ass fool with a gun. So let’s get those facts first before making the assumption that these soldiers were over-stepping their authority, on being a bunch of “Hard Asses” OK. That’s all I’m saying. I’m a hunter too, but I know better than to shoot anything TOWARDS one of our own bases. There could have been military troops nearby on field maneuvers, and nobody appreciates a “bird-shot shower” at any distance. I think that goes without saying!

      KNOW THE FACTS FIRST, and don’t shoot first, and ask questions later. A little inconvenience, sweat, and maybe an ant bite or two, ain’t gonna kill ya.
      Your “American Hunters”…….start acting like it, and man up! You know what military boys are facing these days.

      1. Ok, Roc you must not understand the law. Crime prevention off military bases is the responsibility of civilian police, not the military. In 1878, following Reconstruction, the Posse Comitatus Act was passed. It limited the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement. The statute prohibits Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress.

      2. How about you actually read and understand the article before you post? Makes you look less stupid.
        Especially read this part: “detained by base personnel while traveling through private farmland adjacent to the base.”

      3. You know when, as history provides, most nations do no fall or taken over in one giant operation. It is the giving away of Rights, open violation of Laws by government often supported by military., one little bit here, another there. FYI your post is classic example of “A little inconvenience etc” which is not even close to truth.. as guns pointed at them and put on ground on 100 degree day, EVEN if, “shot fell on base, these clowns HAD ZERO legal authority to go after these folks,,,… as shot for dove would hardly constitute major threat to anyone. Your attitude is simple example of selling out freedoms/Rights, one tiny bit at a time.. So what happens when if OK, precedence now set, at all bases, and just how far out can the military now go after folks on private land, 5yd, 20yuds, 1/4 mile, 2-10 miles… Bests be careful what you support, as might bite you.

      4. OK fellow Americans, AT EASE, PLEASE!!! Shoulder your weapons countrymen, and take a knee here, and let’s ALL just cool off, take swig of water from our canteens, and realize we’re all on the SAME TEAM for crying out loud!

        OF COURSE, we have to remain vigilant against true tyranny! It’s our RIGHT, and DUTY! But let’s NOT turn this one incident, which may have included some NOT SO SMART actions, on both parties side. YES, those fellows on private property have the right to hunt doves, and go about their sport on their own land, without worrying about GOVERNMENT TROOPS coming in and disturbing their outing. I AGREE WITH THAT!

        All I was trying to say, was use your heads before puffing out that that big ole AMERICAN CHEST, and declaring, MY PROPERTY, AND I”LL DO AS I DAMN WELL PLEASE, ANYTIME I WANT!!! AND SHOOT ANY “GUVMINT” ASSHOLES WHO SAY I CAN’T !!!

        Seems like everybody in the world wants to kill us right now, and we have enough ENEMIES already! Let’s just cool off, shake hands, say EVERYBODY messed up on this particular incident, and let it go.

        I’m ready to go shoot a few doves on that private property, at least 300 yards away from that fence, shooting AWAY from that base. THEN, if the MILITARY POLICE show up wanting to disarm us, or make us lay in a fire ant bed, well, we might just have to have that “WHO DECLARED MARSHALL LAW” conversation with their asses. THAT WAY I KNOW WE’RE NOT BREAKING ANY LAW, and as a duly constituted militia, of individual American patriots, and the owners of this property, THEY’LL be advised to LOWER THEIR WEAPONS, AND EXIT “OUR PROPERTY”!


    4. As a us army mp for 6 out of my 12 years, there is no jurisdiction over hunters on private land. However being adjacent to military property, the party should have been approached with caution but not in the style they were. Air force tends to try to get gung ho and they clearly went beyond common sense and their legal boundrys. As far as charging them, naa, but command needs to get in their ass about it

      1. What “should” happen here, is everybody involved, both military & civilian, should head on over to the Provost Marshal’s Office on that base, bring any supporting documentation of the incident, films, event notices, etc., and simply sit down with them and DISCUSS how these mistakes can be ELIMINATED in the future!

        This ain’t Rocket Science folks, and that’s what the Provost Marshal’s Office does. The HNIC at the PMO, will KNOW THE LAW, and solve this!
        As a youth, we used to swim in some of the creeks, that were on Ft. Benning GA back in the 1970’s because it was an OPEN BASE, back in those friendlier times, and civilians were allowed to come and go almost anywhere on base. The MP’s & Game Wardens tried to arrest us “civilians” for swimming in “some” of those creeks on base, however. And that really pissed us off, because we saw it as them overstepping their powers. We all ended up at the Provost Marshal’s Office, to “stand trial” for our swimming “infractions”. The PM explained the “issues” to us, and we finally understood their position on the swimming infractions. It all made “sense”, after talking to the Provost Marshal. We had to swim elsewhere, but we knew why, and it sounded “reasonable” after that. Everybody shook hands, and left without fines. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  2. Well, thanks a lot Air Force Security Forces, for saving the nation from some dove hunters. Next time, you might want to INVESTIGATE before you stick guns in folks’ faces and try to act like tough guys. I hope all of you involved get a trip to the desert for this one, where you can really exercise those massive security skills against some real bad guys. You made your squadron commander and the wing king/queen look dumb to the locals. Nice work.

    1. I am not sure what you do for a living but, when a call comes in of people with weapons outside the AF Base, They will investigate. The last time I checked, we didn’t just walk up to armed individuals and shake their hands and offer them a cup of coffee. You put them on the ground and monitor them while you investigate. There were no charges and all were released. In today’s atmosphere, what they did was appropriate and safe. And another thing, how do you know they haven’t already been in the sandbox? If you are military, shame on you for shitting on your fellow soldiers!

      1. Have you ever seen how the Alaska Fish and Game and State Troopers deal with armed people? They either just talk with them, or ask them to clear their weapon and stack it “over there” until we’re done. A bunch of guys in hunting clothes and carrying hunting shotguns are not a threat. Certainly, they should have been allowed up after they were frisked and their weapons stacked “over there.” I have encountered armed civilians on a military installation, illegally target shooting. I chewed their arses and kicked them off. They were chagrined and not a little bit frightened, and apologized.

        “We’re on private property and I’m the landowner” should have been enough for them to dial back the aggression, and call for advice.

        Those arguments of “In these violent times …” don’t cut it. Making a Citizen lie in a bed of ants, because it says in the book, that you don’t let them move, doesn’t cut it. We are expected to use our brains. What’s that Marine slogan, “Always treat people with respect. And have a plan to kill them.”

      2. Well, the problem is that they have zero law enforcement powers on PRIVATE PROPERTY, outside the military reservation.
        Not “on the base” – which is a totally different thing.

        The correct response would be to call the county sheriff or local police – whichever has the legal responsibility for territories immediately OUTSIDE the military reservation, and let them handle it.

        And exactly how smart do you have to be to see guys with shotguns – not rifles- dressed for dove hunting, ON THE FIRST DAY OF DOVE SEASON, to simply chat them up, rather than exceeding your non-existent authority?

      3. Mike, you’re absolutely right! I’m NOT military, but I damn sure know better than to fire any weapon near what is OBVIOUSLY a perimeter fence, on a MILITARY INSTALLATION! Please forgive all these TOUGH TALKIN’ little assholes, whom never even bothered to find out if those dove hunters pellets were landing on MILITARY PROPERTY! Jesus H Christ, they should know what’s confronting our soldiers these days, and those hunters (with any responsibility) shouldn’t have been anywhere NEAR that fence!

        That’s why we’re all going to lose our our freedom to keep, bear and use our arms, SAFELY & PEACEFULLY, in our AMERICA !!!

        AND THANK YOU SOLDIER, FOR SERVING US, AND PROTECTING ALL OUR FREEDOMS, INCLUDING THESE LITTLE “DO ANYTHING WE DAMN WELL PLEASE, IT’S OUR PROPERTY, IDIOTS!!! They don’t speak for or represent the majority of we civilians who count on ya’ll to protect us. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!!! AMEN.

        I apologize for their lack of knowledge (of the law), AND their whining about having their “Constitutional Rights to hunt and shoot, anywhere they want, if it’s on private property”. THEY are mistaken, and will soon find out in a civilian court of law, that they may be facing FERERAL charges if their pellets were landing on MILITARY PROPERTY. AND THAT’S A FACT, JACK!

        I grew up next to FT. BENNING GA, and you better believe we never, ever, hunted near, or let any of our bullets land on FT. BENNING’S MILITARY RANGES OR PROPERTY. Hell, we just thought that made common sense to us. THEY had bigger and better guns than us. DUH, these idiots will grow up one day, and if they live long enough, they might even “sprout some balls” and act like RESPONSIBLE AMERICAN SPORTSMEN.

      4. when I’m on my own private property, if someone points a weapon at me,unless they’re a cop, there’s not going to be a lot of discussion. fact is, there’s not much to talk about after that. THERE WILL, however, be a discussion with the county about picking the carcasses up off my property.
        if that makes you angry, then DON’T POINT A WEAPON AT SOMEONE ELSE WHEN YOU’RE NOT A COP! military has NO POWER OF ARREST off post! there’s a reason for that.
        I was an 11B and a gulf war veteran; don’t hand me that BS about helping out my fellow soldiers. the asshole is pointing a rifle at me.

      5. They can make traffic stops and detain individuals out side the fence on access roads. That road runs along the perimeter of the base and you can gain access, through gates, to the base from this road, it is considered an access road. If they were not on the road but in the field different story.

    2. No do not send them to the desert over this… Trust me as someone who just got back, we already have enough asshats playing police ticketing and “Booting” yes placing Boots on tactical vehicles in a war zone…

  3. Under who’s authority did us.military detain citizens on private property? Their jurisdiction is inside the fence. They could have legally shot the air force trespassers in Texas. They are ours, we are not theirs.

    1. More of the Jade Helm crap? They, the hunters, handled this correctly. Glad it was not me! I always carried a hand gun when hunting doves in Texas. Fall coming and rattlesnakes getting ready to den up. Shotguns work but messy! Don’t know the laws for that yet. Have not hunted in Texas for 30 years. Born and raised there. But moved to the Rocky mountains 30 years ago. But moving back! Sounds really stupid on my part! Going into the Lions Den, per say! But family comes third. Ok, don’t jump on that. To my and my family? I have always had things in order. My Order! GOD-COUNTRY-FAMILY! And with the sh#t that Jareer Abeed has done to my country? And the FACT that a MARINE will always GO TO THE SOUND OF GUNFIRE! True, no gunfire yet. That we know about! This is a two-part move. But you can bet that this J H 15 had a BIG PART in these men being treated this way! And I would like to know? Did they get their guns and other things back?
      We all know what is going on! And one would wonder? Were these American troops? Or UN crap! Guys, it’s close to PUCKER TIME! READY?

    2. Military law enforcement does not magically end at the fence. SF/MP can respond to threats, or continue to chase, off base. There are limits and restrictions but those hunters could have been detained for up to 24 hours by the military and longer if another agency took over. Take for example the SF guarding a priority A resource (nukes, TS elements, etc) can and will engage threats up to and including lethal force anywhere. In addition military SF/MP are now allow concealed carry nation wide thanks to LEOSA.

      1. Actually, the leadership of the USAF contingent should face at least an Article 15 for this extreme lack of judgement. They should have followed Fish and Game style approach of talking vice playing SWAT team. There is legal precedent that if the hunters had shot and killed them, they would have been within their legal rights.

        Military police CANNOT hold off base civilians for 24 hours, Their authority off base is practically non existent. There is a small but steady stream of MP etc that are arrested annually for impersonating LEOs. Its is an ongoing problem. Lethal force is restricted to certain areas on base only and NEVER goes outside a secondary perimeter, let alone the base property line. Finally, civilians off base can take pictures of anything they see. The military can do nothing, though occasionally there are one or two knuckleheads who embarrass themselves and the service by trying.

        I am retired military who at one point was an MP, and currently in civilian law enforcement. I don’t know what comic book you got your gouge from, but knock it off, my sides are hurting badly from laughing.

  4. Intelligence only works it you use it! Too make the Assumption that the Air Base in question Knew of the Dove Hunt, without actually finding-out for sure. Is STUPID and can get you KILLED. Having a Bunch of Idiot’s travel through a Government Reservation, thinking everything is “Hunkydory”, especially with Open Displayed Weapon Present is the “Epidemy” of Stupidity. I think the Air Force acted with just prudence, before this could have Really Turned Ugly!

    1. You might want to reread this. They were OUTSIDE of the fence adjacent to the base, not in the base. The Air Force had no right to detain them. Someone’s head should roll for this.

      1. Just because it was outside the fenceline does not mean it’s not on AF property. Many installations have property and jurisdiction outside the fence.

      2. Nah. They should get a royal arse chewing by an ornery First Sergeant, and maybe a training session on how to deal with hunters. They aren’t exactly rare in this country, and are sometimes even permitted on base.

      3. Many base fences are 50 feet “inside” the base limits. In addition Military will have co-current jurisdiction on areas surrounding their bases.

    2. “…especially with Open Displayed Weapon Present is the “Epidemy” of Stupidity.”

      Really? It’s an epidemic? And you are an expert on “intelligence” and “stupidity”? Maybe you should re-read the article, and consult your 7th grade English teacher about the words written there. I think you misunderstood what you were reading….and I also think that word you were looking for was “epitome”.

      Although the Air Force personnel have been tasked with keeping a tight lid on the base, they need to be careful with overstepping their authority. I obviously don’t know all of the facts, but it seems that after the initial confrontation, it should have been pretty easy to verify that they were indeed dove hunters, wish them a nice day and send them on their way.


    3. Having a bunch of idiot SF acting all rambo can get themselves killed also. We always knew in the MP’s when various hunting seasons started and ended. If these clowns didn’t, then they need to be retrained. We stopped hunters all the time on base and never once had to prone anyone out. And you wonder why real cops laugh at the military.

    4. Knucklehead, they weren’t travelling through Government Reservation Property. Learn English Comprehension before spewing crap that’s not correct.

      Same goes for the rest of you that can’t seem to understand printed words. The group was TRAVELING THROUGH PRIVATE PROPERTY, and had not even begun to hunt yet.

      The few of you saying that the “Base may not have known it’s opening day of Dove season, REALLY?!?! All those swinging dicks on that base let alone in the SP/LE Squadron, and nobody knew it’s DOVE SEASON OPENER? How stupid do you have to be to come up with that excuse? I would just about guarantee people that are in Command on that Base KNOW when EVERY DAMN HUNT STARTS if it’s possible to be hunting on property right next to the damn base. Goodfellow has been there for DECADES! Civilian LE and BASE LE have a working relationship COME ON! this is just a case of a few over zealous wanna be supertroops doing something they should get their ass handed to them for. And don’t start with the “anti Military”shit at me, I’m RETIRED MILITARY, and I’d go back in a heartbeat. This is just a case of pure stupidity on the wannabe’s parts.

  5. This is really disgusting. It must have been obvious from the beginning that this was a group of hunters and that there was no reason to treat them as they did. I was in the military and this is typical of the behavior of some of these A-holes, who are in love with their authority. The hunters should bring a lawsuit if possible, and the security jerks assigned elsewhere,…such as permanent KP.

  6. The question here, is hunting allowed on that private property OUTSIDE the base? If it is, then the military had no right to detain these lawful hunters. The military should be held accountable for their wrongful actions. Proper disciplinary action should be taken against the military personnel involved in this incident as well as the commander in charge at the time for this wrongful act.
    If the hunters were not legally allowed to hunt that property or if there are additional restrictions involved, such as prior notification to the military base that hunting operations are going to be taking place that day, then the hunters deserved to be detained. And the outfitter / owner needs to held accountable for his wrongful action of taking hunters there illegally.
    So which is it? The story tells it both ways. The video leaves us to believe that the hunters were wrong and says at the end, make sure you know where you are before shouldering your shotgun.
    Is this accurate reporting, or a Fox KIDY trying to make an anti-hunting story out of it?

  7. The military police can detain you just like any other police in and around any base regardless if you are authorized to be there or not untill they find out for sure

    1. bull crap,

      you evidently don’t understand anything. They have no jurisdiction outside the base. None. Military law doesn’t apply to civilians.

      1. It’s called “concurrent jurisdiction” on base and off. So, yes could and did detain hunters for cause.

    2. As a retired Department of Police Officer, I assure you that the SF have no jurisdiction off the base unless requested by the local authorities. These men have been treated wrongly.

    3. Rude dog your incorrect. just like regular law enforcement your juristiction is limited. you can effect a citizen arrest and contact local law enforcement outside your juristiction, AS LONG AS you can show a legitimate just cause for detaining possible suspects. otherwise your illegally detaining someone and subject to the same laws as individual citizens. Military police are no different. their juristiction is the base and within a certain footage along the perimeter. If the hunters were across the road from the base on private property then base security has no juristiction.

    4. They may have had the right to detain them, depending on the situation, but they had no justification to keep them proned out, one in an ant nest, after they disarmed them and had no reason to believe they were a threat, even if they would later have them arrested. Hunting isn’t exactly rare in the US, and six guys with shotguns loaded with No 8 shot, outside the fence, and one of them claiming to be the landowner, calls for restraint on the part of the security forces. Watchful restraint, but restraint.

  8. What people need to understand is that all military bases are on heightened security alert due to the current situation of risk of terrorist attacks. Terrorists play by no rules, they could easily dress up as innocent hunters. The military police need to mitigate risks, they were doing just that. It would have behooved the landowner to contact the base and let them know that there will be hunters with guns outside the perimeter.

    1. I don’t need to understand crap. Terrorism is not the root password to revoke the Bill of Rights.

      These idiots need a PCS to Alaska.

  9. did you not understand (please re-read the article VERY slowly) that these hunters DID actually contact police and local wardens BEFORE HAND to let them know that the hunters would be there just so such an incident would not happen. Governor Abbott, it’s time you stopped this type crap in its tracks

  10. I suspect most Vets would agree with me.
    Nearly always a fact that MP, AP, Security Force, blah blah was not from the top of the intellect pool. They way to often overreact and this was just another case of same. They have ZERO authority to pull guns and put civilians on the ground out side the government perimeter, none, zero, nada. They were 100% out of line and someone needs to issue a very BCD’s or Section 8’s about this mess and can a few at command levels.
    The facts of story read of abuse by the these clowns, someone needs to crack down hard on them and then read the rules and laws to remaining. Military cops tend to get to puffed up with selves way to often.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I spent 20 yrs. in the U.S. Navy, and I know that when standing Shore Patrol you were not allowed to stop, detain or whatever you want to call it anyone in civilian clothes, even if you saw your own brother who you knew was wanted for a crime, as long as he was off base and in civilian clothes all you could do was notify local law enforcement. These d—heads had zero authority once they took one step outside of the base.

  11. Ok so first let me say I am Active Duty Air Force and not a cop. I am a Crew Chief and work on planes but I know some of our Security Forces are a little over the top at times. I do agree they had no business stopping someone outside of the base gates unless they were very close to the fences and looked suspicious like they were trying to climb the fence or cut it etc. please don’t let a couple guys screw up put a black eye on all of us!!! That’s like me saying all civilians are fat, lazy, don’t serve their country when I know it’s not true. I believe in freedoms and don’t believe in rights infringement or any stray from our inalienable rights period!!! It was a mistake on the Air Force Security Forces and not the whole Air Force. Also to some of the above posts we should find out the whole story first because I bet we didn’t get all of it and military law applies to all people in the USA but only if martial law in declared.

    1. Wrong…It is called martial law for reason… Military may in fact enforce martial law, but civilians will never fall under the UCMJ. Fortunately, if that were ever to occur, even the military could never extract weapons from the citizenry. It would be an all out gorilla war.

      1. Amusing post about if military took over.. News flash, it would firt take the OK by the citizens to allow Gov to do such. Second you have watched to many movies to think our military would be stopped by some fools running about behind trees etc. Every see a M1A1 tank up close? But amusing to read where the armed citizens would defeat a military that went along with take over and were supported by the majority of citizens to get to that point. As far as a rogue takeover of nation.. never happen, but again great fantasy for those in darkened rooms stroking their, AK or M16, “en waiting fur them”…

      2. I was talking to a Marine about how bad ass the Abram tank,he laughed a little,then he said,yes they are very nice fighting other Tanks,forts, buildings and such,but without a squad of troops,other tanks,etc,it is a sitting duck,supply lines are the Tanks weakest point,they require high grade gasoline track replacement every hundred miles or so.Tracks had to adjusted fairly often,a tank that loses one track can move in circles!!

      1. Yep,if you are that close up to a Abrams tank,with out any “tank runners” and a another tank nearby,to cover their rear and flanks,the tank would be danger, I know the tank crew have port firing weapons,still there are limited also the need a supply line for all that gasoline they drink,ammo,food, adjusting the tank tracks,replacing the racks every 100 miles or so, if I saw a tank, I would note its location and hit the supply line,tanks are good for killing other tanks,attacking pill boxs etc.

  12. Not to say that I 100% agree with this since it is outside the installation, I can understand why. Bases are in FPCON Bravo, which is increased and more predictable terrorist threat activity exists, due to the threat of lone wolf attacks and whatnot. Could it have been handled differently? Sure, but with this being so close to the installation fenceline with all 6 hunters with weapons, you kind of need to make a decision regardless if its right or wrong. Because even if you were in the wrong, you could atleast say you did what you had to to keep the other patrolmen and the personnel in the installation safe.

    1. They could just as safely ordered them to lay their weapons down, step away from them, and frisk them. Maybe prone them out until they are all frisked. Hunters don’t behave like terrorists or punks. The extended tight detention was over the top.

  13. What bothers me most is that the Military had NO business dealing with these guys off base! If they had actually threatened the base or personnel, that is different. They should have contacted local authorities and asked them to investigate. This is scary to me, this is absolutely the use of Military force against American Citizens on US soil, not to mention meddling in a jurisdiction that is not theirs!

    As a Vet myself, and an Oath Keeper, my question to the rest of you guys serving, even if Martial law is declared, most likely in an illegal manner, what will you do? Will you point your weapons at us? That is how Hitler got control over a country, he used the military and civil authorities against his own people. If they had only stayed true to their oath and refused unlawful orders, the Holocaust of WWII would not have happened.

    1. Actually Hitler had a lot of civilian support when he got going, one of first thing he did was find targeted groups to hate and danger to state, Jews, Gypsy, etc, and it worked out very well for him.. Frighteningly not much history taught as an school level on this sort of stuff.. and when we hear talk radio or extreme type running for office on the “Danger of ///// (you fill in today’s choice) we are seeing more of the ole Goebbels propaganda and hate/fear in action, again, and way to much of it out there now.. The people buy into such trash, be it Hitler or whomever, and easy sell to many, a nightmare to all.

  14. Would’nt it have been more reasonable for one MP to cross the fence and ascertain that the hunters were legally engaged engaged in a lawful activity. They then could have called SAPD and everyone would walk away happy. Instead they provoke a confrontation that could have ended in a bloody mess. Thankfully the hunters exercised common sense. There was none on the part of the “trained MPs”.

  15. eager beaver. look what coming to your neighborhood.. hope not. they was out of line for doing that to American citizens. why is it that people of different color does the crime and the white gets blame for it? white did fly airplanes into buildings. white folks not didn’t shoot people at bases. so why? could they now tell they was hunting? get real guys. use your head for thinking instead of a hat rest. I respect people in the military except when they go against the American citizens. you got to remember WE ARE NOT YOUR EMEMY

  16. In the State of Texas, police officers have no jurisdiction limits. A Dallas police officer can arrest you in Houston, or in El Paso…. the only limits are he/she must transport you to the local /County jail where you were arrested. As for the Military Police, they are considered a federal police officer, just the same as the VA Police. They can’t do a lot of things and should remain in the base except when called for assistance, however if they perceived a threat within range of the base, they have a duty to respond. If they had not responded to this and an Air Force member or dependent accidently got shot on the inside of the fence, all of you calling for heads would be demanding the same heads for not acting. They didn’t arrest the hunters and didn’t mistreat them. Had the land owner exercised common sense and made a quick phone call to the base SF office prior to the hunt, all of this would have been avoided. The Air Force did not deprive them of hunting there nor did it confiscate their weapons, it simply investigated the report of men with guns outside the base fence. Common sense is a good thing to have, but way too many people have forgotten what it is, let alone how to use it.

    1. Read carefully: *Military* police have no jurisdiction in *non* military areas, absent articulable threat to said *military* base(s), or the declaration of martial law.
      The hunters were on *private property*, by the base, not *on* the base.

      The correct – i.e. legal – procedure would be for AF security to call the local sheriff, who DOES have jurisdiction, and let him handle it.

  17. The Air Force personnel did the right thing…I am sure they heard gunfire and went to investigate. They are allowed so many miles outside the perimeter as well. Get your heads out of your asses! P.S. A former MP and a 2 time Iraq War Combat Veteran disabled.

    1. You could probably make a decent argument that such close proximity should be investigated, but the correct – legal – response is to contact the county sheriff and let him handle it, as he does in fact actually have the jurisdiction, so long as they were not attempting to enter the base or to damage base property.

    2. Obviously you are clueless about where MP’s have authority and where they don’t. They have ZERO authority off base, period. P.S. This is coming from a former MP and two-time wounded Police Officer… See how that works?

    3. Actually they are not allowed to fulfill police functions off base and can be arrested by real police officers if they try and do so. Seen it happen over the years. I say that as a former MP, multiple tours in the sandbox, retired vet and current LEO.

      They should have sent one guy out to contact the hunters and not played wannabe SWAT. Just so we are clear, the hunters could have shot and killed them in self defense quite legally in Texas.

  18. Well it does not matter which branch of the military it is there will always be security personnel that will respond to a base perimeter to investigate anyone seen with a firearm. It seems that the hunting organization had no problem contacting the local pd and the news but did not bother to contact the base that they were planning on hunting outside of. So someone dropped the ball. Seems it could have all been avoided by just opening that channel of communication.

  19. Please read HR218, then contact the FEDLEOA for your research, then look up the appropriate Air Force Instruction / Army regulation, etc. for each branch’s Law Enforcement function. Each one now has Federal Civilian Law Enforcement Officers assigned specifically to them (no, they are not DoD Police; that program was terminated five years ago). Here’s how it works: Active Duty and Reserve MP’s / Security Forces / Provost Marshals, etc. are typically restricted to protection of the military assets and resources assigned to them and cannot legally function as nor assist in local Law Enforcement matters. National Guard / Air National Guard are technically state owned and controlled assets that serve at the pleasure of the Governor and can/have been authorized to function in a FEDLEO capacity. Now…the civilian FEDLEO’s are treated as if they’re Active Duty but here’s the catch: dependent on the state you happened to be stationed in; if you fail to act when witnessing what you believe to be a cri me in the act of commission, they will nail you to the wall. If a local Judges Magistrate enters into a Memorandum of Agreement with the JAG and installation commander, that CIVFEDLEO is no different than your local cop. Ask anyone busted on State Highway 87 in Spring Lake, NC that ignored the big signage that warns civilians military FEDLEO’s patrol that stretch of highway. 10 miles to be exact. There’s plenty of blame to go around; I see nowhere a mention of a specific person they spoke with; i.e. the Commander of the Security Forces Squadron whom would have ensured every shift would have been briefed at Guard Mount / Roll Call. As to the commentary denigrating the intellect of the aforementioned Police / Security Forces, etc., you should contact the Air Force Association or Air Force Sergeants Association and ask them the official ratio of collegiate level Enlisted personnel as opposed to Commissioned Officers. Hint: It’s the highest in history. Thanks and God Bless our Sportsmen and women and our Armed Forces.

  20. Per LEOSA Military vernacular is now accepted in legal case law. So Military police are officially QUALIFIED as Federal law enforcement Officers. Post standards of training are required to be met for lowest level of Air Force Security Forces. As QLEO’s any threat that affects Air Force Installation allows Agressive Defense of those resources. Our Authority and Jurisdiction will not be even remotely in question any response to defend those resources under our protection. Every base usually has a Mutual Aid Agreement with local law enforcement to assist one another when incident occurs adjacent to shared boundary. Most of the comments are so far fetched and immature I hesitated a response. I loved the supposed military personnel talking smack, about supposedly being deployed with Air Force personnel. It reeks of jealousy that they were so low scoring the only branch or specialty they could enter into was Army or Marine infantry and after seeing the superior standards of our service against their branch they feel really inadequate. Not that their specialty even qualifies them for a civilian job let alone a POST certification.

  21. I’m a former Law Enforcement Specialist, USAF.
    First off all incidents are different and the level of response should be tailored to the particulars of each incident. In my opinion a report of numerous individuals with guns at the base perimeter should be met with a response of all available units to the perimeter (on the base) at the same time as local authorities assistance being requested off base. The base security should have been the priority and the personnel should have set up inside of the perimeter to insure said security, while awaiting the arrival of local authorities to perform the off base investigation. Understand the average age and experience level of security forces on patrol is not very high, most being 18-22 years old or so with first level supervision, Staff Sgt. 22-25. Their dispatch/Flight Captain should not have authorized off base ops without base commander’s orders.

    The law you are all searching for is the Posse Comitatus Act, see below:

    The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed on June 18, 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The purpose of the act – in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using its military personnel to act as domestic law enforcement personnel. It was passed as an amendment to an army appropriation bill following the end of Reconstruction, and was subsequently updated in 1956 and 1981.

    The Act only specifically applies to the Army and, as amended in 1956, the Air Force. While the Act does not explicitly mention the naval services, specifically the Navy and the Marine Corps, the Department of the Navy has prescribed regulations that are generally construed to give the Act force with respect to those services as well. The Act does not apply to the Army and Air National Guard under state authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within its home state or in an adjacent state if invited by that state’s governor. The United States Coast Guard, which operates under the Department of Homeland Security, is not covered by the Posse Comitatus Act either, primarily because although the Coast Guard is an armed service, it also has both a maritime law enforcement mission and a federal regulatory agency mission.

    1. Here is hoping that there is liberal use of NJP for the on site leadership based on what has been written. I am also a retired MP and now a LEO. Had I been there, I might have arrested anybody above Airman1st for impersonating a police officer. They were outside of their turf and jurisdiction. Their leadership failed entirely. Without bloodshed, the base commander, CDO etc should not be relieved, but every officer in the security detachment should be scrutinized.

      To be clear, the hunters could have shot and killed those troops and would have been in the right legally.

    2. @ Ray.

      Posse Comitatius of 1956, included the US Navy and the US Marines Corps with the Air Force. On 2006, President George W., tried and failed to have Posse Comitatius “Nullified”. In 2008 he appealed again, and this time it was “Nullified”. In 2011 President Obama, had Posse Comitatius Reinstated. The US Coast Guard, is NOT in the Posse Comitatius Act, Unless it is operating in Consort with the US Navy. It’s only a matter of time that it is Included in the Act.

    3. @ Ray.

      The Amended Posse Comitatius Act 1956, added the US. Air Force to the Act, but act also included the US Navy and US Marine Corps. In 2006 a Bill was Introduced to Nullify the Posse Comitatius Act, it was Soundly KILLED. But in 2008, the Posse Comitatius was NULLIFIED, then Reinstated in 2011. While the US Coast Guard is not in the Act itself. It DOES apply the US Coast Guard, when working in Consort with the US Navy.

  22. I have done a lot of dove hunting in my life and I would never hunt close to or near a military base that is pretty stupid. I also never pissed on an electric fence that kept the cows in but I do know friends that did it, pretty stupid.

  23. If I am hunting PRIVAtE land and someone raises a wepon to me, I dont care who they are, i will give a quick and defensive response,
    those AF fly boys trespassed on private land,posed an illegal armed threat, those flytards wouldda though differently had those hunters
    gave equal response and defended themselves, brains dont bide well in airforce, if concerned, easy solution….contact local LEO’s or dept
    of fish and game…………………..brain dead. just brain dead !!

  24. Good grief, we sure have a bunch of dumb fucks around here, even that retired police officer. It is against the law to discharge a firearm within 300 yards of an occupied building. Look right next to the trucks mirror! Also, why do they have to be right along the fence line of the base when they have the rest of that property to hunt on. With all the shootings of police officers and military personnel at the recruitment centers, they were asking to get shot. So many idiots just don’t use any common sense these days and that is why this country has gone to hell.

  25. IF bird shot was flying onto the air base, the proper thing to do is call the local sheriff. He has the authority to enter private property and investigate – not the military.

  26. Anyone one in law enforcement could see these guys were hunters with SHOTGUNS. I worked as a MP at Fort McClellan and most of the post was surrounded by hunting land. Some times the hunters cross onto the military post by accident. Never once did we draw down on them, prone them out or disrespect them like these clowns did. They should have never been prone out in the first place for 30 minutes. They should of required the hunters to place their hands on the hood of the patrol car. If the inexperienced SF were so worried about the hunters they could have cuffed them and placed them in a patrol car with the AC on until they could sort out the incident with the local PD. Nope, they had to act like rambos. I hope none of these trigger happy security guards ever become cops. Can you imagine the liabilty when they cuff and stuff an old lady for jaywalking?

  27. first, throwing the fbomb in your critique does nothing but show your intelligence.
    second, it’s Texas it’s September it’s dove season. hunters have been hunting birds there for a hundred years.
    Third, a military base has a bunch of people and tons of weapons. This was a pickup full of guys with shotguns.

    I support the military 200% but I support private property 1000%.

  28. For those supporting these clowns since “near the base fence etc etc.. forget that fools play as now you seem to want to, allow such clowns to operate out side both the law and the base, so next question would be, well if OK along fence, then how much farther, 5yds, 10yds, 500yda etc. We have laws to keep such from happening, for a purpose. We do NOT want military enforcing laws, rules etc outside of their bases. The vast majority are neither qualified in civil or criminal laws nor civilian courts, regardless of various “certifications”. The logic behind allowing them to enforce outside the bases is about same as allowing all military to prance around concealed or not, armed, on and off base as they are “trained”. That is a farce as probably 95% of those outside the combat arms would be more dangerous to those around them with a side arm, the bad guys.
    Lots of myths out there but most real vets know what is true and what is myths or just plain propaganda and we find some of these post really amazing and amusing….. at best.
    Sorry but these guys had NO legal right to do what they did… and where is follow up about what happened to them and their rather poorly qualified leaders??? Dare we ask, as probably another SNAFU where little guys get hammered and big guys knock some rings on table and walk, same old same…Dare we ask, what happened to all, post stupid?

  29. As a former Air Force public affairs officer, I would have recommended conversations take place between base leaders, city/county/state officials and the people who own and/or lease the adjacent property to discuss whether it makes sense to allow hunting next door to an active military base. What if people with less-than-honorable intentions request permission to hunt on the property as a ruse to gaining access to base property and doing harm to those working there? Not as cut-and-dry as many in this thread would like to make it.

  30. Wow! I worked at Randolph AFB, TX for 26 years. 5 in uniform and 21 as Civil Service. Opening morning of Dove season always sounded like a war going on around the base perimeter. No one batted an eye on base because it was an annual thing. It’s Texas and it’s Dove Season. 7 1/2 and 8 shot pellets falling out of the sky is no threat. Lol. Dove season is a big deal there with the White Wing population in the area. I really don’t understand how this situation even happened since many folks on base including myself were avid dove hunters.

  31. As a former Air Force Security Police member I have to disagree with my current colegues. The proper procedure in this instance would have been to monitor, from onbase, the actions of the suspects while civilian police,who had jurisdiction, were called to confront them. Then, if they were committing crimes of some sort the proper jurisdiction would handle it. Going off base and handling it themselves has now placed these troops in a bad legal position.

  32. OK Rocky C you are calling people assholes and shit when apparently you’re the problem .Did you forget to read the article before you started calling people names ?? If you had of read it you would know that it was opening day of dove season and they were on their way to go hunting … My question is how in the hell could their shot land on military property if they had not shot yet ???

  33. I have read the article and all the comments. I suspect the whole thing is already under investigation. I believe the goal as always to prevent. I believe the best thing is allow the local and military authorities to investigate and determine corrective action. It is interesting how everyone either wants someone to get punished or someone else to back off. I believe we need to allow the authorities involved to solve the problem and if someone later wants to report the outcome that would be fine but please do not get so emotional and irrational to the point of name calling and cursing. Have a nice a day, respect our troops but also, respect one another. thanks.

  34. Rocky, you are an idiot. It is a good thing the hunters were smarter than the MP’s. A hunter or two in the brush could have turned this into a different situation. What were these idiots going to do if they didn’t concede to their demands shoot one of the hunters? That would not have been so easy to keep quiet. Have you ever heard of posse comitatus?

  35. @ Rock C.

    You might what too check the Property Right’s, Slick. The Road and the Easement to the Fence Belong to the Air Force. The Hunter’s in the Video were shown Firing their Shotguns, while STANDING in the MIDDLE of the ROAD, Firing in the Direction of the Air Force Base. The Property Left of the Pick-Up Truck, WAS Private Property.

    1. Please back up you claims…with facts as to prop rights, and how do you KNOW they were shooting over the base, NOTHING says or shows that, just birds flying and “easement of fence, seems another of your fables… but your posts are amusing,…proves some are not functionally literate THAT IS PRIVATE road, hey can shoot from anywhere they want….please, get some help on the article as you seem to not comprehend.

      1. @ fw.

        Next time you watch the video, try very hard to keep you eye’s OPEN. And if your like Aristotle Onassis and have Myasthenia Gravis, might I suggest a Couple of Strips of Duct Tape or Superglue.

    2. Slowpoke, I think you’ve misread my comments. What are you saying here: That the hunters WERE firing in the direction of the base, from the easement road?
      Because you’re making my point FOR their being approached by base MPs.

      I’m not seeing your point, because YOU’RE telling me those hunters were breaking the law, but spouting: Check the property rights Slick! What DO you mean???

      If you’re trying to tell me they WERE firing that close to the perimeter fence, TOWARDS the the base, then what the hell did you expect those MPs to do???
      I may BE SLICK, but I ain’t no IDIOT!!! Check your own fire soldier, you’re hitting friendlies here!

    3. Ooops, sorry slowpoke, I see now you were agreeing with my argument, and were responding to SCOTT’s comments. I guess I better check my own fire, sorry!

  36. the really scary ones here are the self recognized legal scholars, the so called ‘ex-military’ types that claim some previous military experience, and their comrades with vocabularies grounded in four letter words plus those who failed to recognize a published ‘news’ piece and considered the content as factual and true.

  37. The commentators who are supporting the nefarious conduct of those soldiers just because they’re soldiers obviously have no appreciation for the rule of law. These are the same people who support cops no matter what they do even when other cops don’t support their conduct. Their commander should be disciplined for the behavior he ordered. This is not the kind of service those soldiers should be thanked for.

  38. @ Outdoor Hub.

    I thank you for you Swift Redactment of my Comment. NOTHING “Inflammatory” IN the COMMENT, but you Guy’s decided to KILL IT ANYWAY. SO MUCH FOR AN “OPEN DISCUSSION FORUM”. S#$THEADS!!!

  39. So where are the shots being fired going over fence, now the birds are flying but do not see any issue. Seems that birds flying but do NOT see shotguns firing over the base and do not see anything that provides some sort of USAF property that extends past fence. Real world if the road, NOW private land, was once public then usual right of way for roads is 8 feet or more from road edge, and bought that way, then PRIVATE road right of way extends to the fence, not from fence to road for USAF,, Noted you dodged that issue as well as nothing showing shots being fired and “base under attack by massive bombardments of of 7,5 to 8 shot, common dove loads. You and ROC drop out of same grade school as both have about same grasp for facts and law.

  40. Note update and tape of scene. Their is NO proof shot fired that hit base, hunters probably 150 feet from building (by Law) and NO proof USAF had ANY property the hunters were on or shot from. Even game warden says USAF overdid the whole thing. Note was 100F outside and to do what USAF idiots did is 100% stupid and 200% illegal, Hope there is follow up on what happened to the bully boys from the base…. and officer of watch had to know several USAF vehicles left base for this stupid maneuver. Here is latest tape…. again nothing shows hunters doing anything illegal and if military allowed to get away with this sets both dangerous and ugly precedence. So here are additional facts, Roc etc please take time to deal with reality of it, not blither on in ignorance.

  41. This is a reply to Aliel The Heretic. I do not appreciate your ignorant comments about the Air Force. I was in SAC from 1966 to 1970. We trained the B-58 Hustler bomber crews, who carried nuclear weapons. I first trained as a Basic Medical Specialist and during that we spend time in the field, learning to triage, carry wounded on stretchers over barb wire fences and under machine gun fire. In the next training for my primary AFSC, we rode ejection seat trainers, learned to handle a parachute and land properly jumping from towers, got dragged all over a field while in a parachute harness, rode in altitude chambers to 43,000 feet pressure altitude, and a lot of other activities. At my PCS, I spent over 90 hours at altitude in a decompression chamber, going to the afore mentioned 43,000 feet, where you have to pressure breathe 100% oxygen since you cannot breathe on your own, participated in rapid decompressions, rode a B-58 capsule ejection seat trainer many times, pulling 11 G’s, taught enlisted and officers the hazards of high altitude flight, and many other things there is not space to put here. I never sat around a camp fire singing. Regarding your statement that the other services all laugh at the “Chair Force”, you are full of crap. My brother is a retired Marine, I have a good friend who was a Marine in Vietnam, and we joke with each other about our respective services, but never with disrespect, as you have done here. Perhaps you are just envious of the better living conditions and food the Air Force provides to it’s members, I don’t know, but you should judge the entire Air Force by a few “ninnies”, as you called them. Regarding this incident, even seeing a video does not guarantee you know all the facts, and in this day of terrorism at and on military bases in the U.S. I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. The hunters got their pride wounded. I don’t believe any other service would have handles this any differently, whether Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard.

    1. Butler, you do not get it, the law is the law and when “mistakes” like this happen, time to come down hard on folks who pull guns on civilians, put the on ground and have no authority of any kind to do this sort of thug route. Allow this and then we get into the creep thing, where “Well they did it”, and someone gets shot of worse. The hunters were well within their legal status, that is the point, you do not “Pride wounded” as excuse for poor to little command and control of armed USAF cops. And “better safe then sorry” is at bottom of barrel for serious breech of our laws. Some folks at base, no just the clowns out ther, but others up food chain need to be removed. We have already had enough Rights altered/removed “for security” we do not need more.

  42. Yes, these are dangerous times. That is why it is so important that people, supposedly in power, do not overreact like idiots. Too late in this case, again.

  43. A hunting lease adjacent to a military base should not be a problem. Don’t give me “lead raining down on the base”. If the perimeter fence is so close to base infrastructure or personnel that bird shot from a shotgun is a threat that makes the described action necessary, then the government needs to purchase 100yds or so from the land owner and move their fence. On the face of it, this is an overly aggressive use of force by military personnel against civilians. Constitutional rights have been violated and any number of laws have been broken here. But since we are in a post constitutional faux republic, this should come as no surprise to anyone. If Mike Conway is a true representative of his constituency, he will lead the way for getting a public hearing with Col Downs and the PMO on USAF-GAFB policy and how it will be revised to ensure this does not happen in the future.


  45. They are not authorized to detain. They have absolutely ZERO authority off of a military installation except during a major civil disturbance and they are authorized to do so by local law enforcement…it’s called POSSE COMATOS . Local or State authorities need to be informed of this incident.
    Secondly, they are not authorized to draw their weapons on civilians…….PERIOD.

  46. I’m of two minds on this issue.

    1. Personal property rights and citizens rights.
    2. Security requirements of a Federal Facility.

    As a young Lt I brought a group of AZ ANG into Sky Harbor AirNG on a C-130 in full uniform. Returning from a 2 week AT cycle at Ft Leanardwood. The Tarmac was 120 + and hotter in the belly of that plane. After having the ramp down for 20 minutes and being told to sit there and swelter, I’d had enough. Told my troops to grab their bags & deplane. I was met at the foot of the ramp by a well meaning but misguided SP that told me to get back on the plane because we weren’t “cleared” to deplane. I politely told the young specialist to just fucking shoot me then. Cause there was no way my troops were going to be subjected to that any longer. I’m still here – guess he thought better about his ability to enforce his orders. I didn’t threaten the young man. But I wasn’t going to let him bully my troops either. We went inside to the AC and waited for our transport.

    My take away from that was that even good people get told to do dumb ass things. I think most people have a shred of common sense. Or I can hope anyway. Had he shot me – I’d be dead and he’d probably still be in jail.

    In the above Dove story – the NCO in charge of the SP’s should have exercised a little more common sense. Regardless of legal issues – inside outside jurisdiction, et al. Somebody could have and should have exercised better judgement – maybe on both sides.

    I do come down on the side of Law & Order mostly – until the law is unjust and infriges on my rights as a citizen. That means as a citizen I have a responsibility to get the law changed until it’s fixed.

    As former military with multiple deployments I get both sides of this. I went to war multiple times to defend the rights of those Dove hunters – signed that check. On the flip side – I don’t want any of our service members or their families (including my grandkids) threatened. Again – of 2 minds on this one.

    Sounds like an excessive use of force by the SP’s – but I wasn’t there. You only have split seconds to determine “Threat – No Threat”. But that also works for the hunters too. If I’m on my land and some uniforms roll up – my hackles go to high alert. Lucky none of the SP’s got kneecapped. Glad the hunters kept their cool – or it could have been a whole different story.

    Legal shmegul – if someone had pulled a trigger on either side it would have been a completely different story & outcome. Families devastated – lives ruined forever. And for what??? Some dumb ass birds that don’t really taste that great anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong with that comment – the citizenry no longer trusts our Federal Gov’t. Too much power, too much intrusion, and the beast needs to be rechained – but by the Constitution and adherence thereto.

    In these times I’d prefer God help America as much as I would appreciate a blessing. I see dark roads ahead – and that light at the end of the tunnel? Oh yeah – that would be the damn train.

    Just my 2 cents. Ya’ll fair well – wherever you may fair.

  47. #1The air force shouldn’t have been there
    #2I’m pretty sure they were hunting with shotguns and not Ak-47’s.after all they were dove hunting.
    #3if the air force was paying attention to the season and what was being done and what was being used then they wouldn’t have been assholes.
    Sometimes paying attention can make some people broke.

  48. I am retired AF and served as an OSI agent. The SFS troops were out of line for going out there and engaging the hunters; however, once on scene it should have been easy to determine the hunters were attacking doves and not the base. If there were other issues they should have call the locals before disarming citizens on private property. Thank God nobody was hurt.

  49. You know what could have avoided the situation? The AF base and its military personnel should have been informed of the open season on dove hunting and that the land outside the base is being used for such activity. It’s called communication, people. The AF base could easily keep tabs on when and what kind of hunting seasons are open in their surrounding areas so all this BS could have been avoided. It doesn’t take military intelligence to know what civilian activities and events are to be taking place where and when, especially around their own bases.
    We have an Army reserve base new my home town and there are properties near the base that are used for deer hunting and that Army reserve base keeps up current info on when and how long the season lasts and what type of weapons are allowed (modern gun, black powder, or bow) so they know what to expect when they do their patrols on their base perimeter.

  50. Everyone who gives a f # c k needs to contact the NRA ILA and ask them to get involved! This act should not go unpunished. No military forces can legally pull weapons off base on citizens. The hunters had already met with the local PD and the base security, in case you didn’t read the story. Lawyer, lawsuit, and the AF security forces at minimum getting dishonorably discharged and lots of community service and fines. They are there to protect ‘us’. Not harassing law abiding citizens. If this goes unpunished, it is one more nail in the coffin of our freedom’s being taken away, starting with the 2nd amendment.


  51. I can not believe some of these comments. The United States Air Force doing their job and you Kum lickers complain? Oh poor baby they made you lay down. Isn’t that the position you like the best? Maybe they should have made you bend over the way you like it best? You anti American Kum lickers can kiss my ass, fuck you. What a bunch of pussies. Go back to your playstation games and your parents basements you losers. Fuck you.

    1. Listen asshat…what part of those fuckers NOT being authorized to engage civilians off that base do you NOT understand. It is the law not some kind of fn agreement between people…THE LAW period!!! They violated the law and should have placed in custody by local law enforcement.
      here it is asshat :

      Since U.S. military police officers are members of the armed forces, they are prohibited from enacting domestic law enforcement powers under the Posse Comitatus Act, a federal law passed in 1878. MPs may enforce certain limited powers, such as traffic stops, on access roads and other federal property not necessarily within the boundaries of their military base or installation. The only way MPs are allowed to enforce law and order outside the military realm as stated above is when martial law is in effect. When combined, the Posse Comitatus Act and Insurrection Act place significant limits on presidential power to use the military in a law enforcement capacity.

      The only military forces exempt from the act are the United States Coast Guard, as its mission includes maritime law enforcement duties; and Army and Air National Guard troops while under state authority. Army and Air National Guard troops are not exempt from Posse Comitatus while they serving under federal Title 10 order

  52. I couldn’t even finish reading the replies. Half of you idiots need to learn how the spell and and use the correct punctuation. The other half are just retarded.

    With 15 years in the Army split between EOD and infantry and 10 as a Police Officer in Texas, I’m still not going to argue law with anyone. It comes down to common sense. Can you dove hunt there? Yeah probably. Is it the best/smartest place to shoot? Fuck no. There are fields all over and I’m pretty sure they didn’t lease that stretch of road to hunt, or drive down.

    For the fellow who was talking about “defending his sovereign right,” you need to choke on a dick. Your the biggest idiot on here. It’s dummies like you that keep my job security in place.

  53. Dereliction of duty for not knowing it was the opening day of dove season and there might be hunters around the off base adjacent properties!!

  54. This is what happens when “patriots” fire upon military personnel during Jade Helm. (Yes, that happened!) All the “support our troops” rhetoric stops when they are protecting themselves.

    If you think they were wrong to do so, I say fuck you right in the pussy!

  55. Those involved in this unlawful assault and detainment should be arrested. Law enforcement and those who are placed in positions of authority are out of control in this nation. They let fear control their actions while ignoring the US Constitution that they swore to uphold. They also ignore commonsense and human decency.

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