New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made the case for nationwide gun control legislation after a former aide, Carey Gabay, was shot while attending the West Indiana American Day Carnival parade on Monday.

Gabay was struck by what officials have said was a stray bullet during a shooting in Brooklyn and is now in critical condition. The 43-year-old lawyer was previously one of Cuomo’s assistant counsels, and now serves as the First Deputy Counsel at Empire State Development. Governor Cuomo met with reporters on Tuesday and called opponents of gun control “delusional.” Cuomo further argued that despite New York’s already strict gun control laws, firearms are still entering the state from neighbors with more relaxed regulations, necessitating the need for a national policy.

“This tragic shooting—this one by another seemingly random bullet—is the latest heartbreaking reminder that the crime of gun violence must stop,” Cuomo stated in a press release. “Enough young, innocent people have died, and it must stop now.”

Cuomo cemented his reputation as being tough on guns when he fast-tracked the passage of New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act in 2013, a gun control law that some have called the strictest in the country. The law was the first of several as state legislatures tightened gun laws shortly after the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The SAFE Act still remains a highly controversial law and the subject of multiple lawsuits, but Cuomo and his supporters are encouraging other lawmakers to take up similar steps.

“This nation has to have the political courage to step up and the elected officials have to have the political courage to step up and say this weekly ongoing tragedy of loss of life of innocent victims, schoolchildren, young girls, young boys must stop,” Cuomo told CNN. “The only way to deal with this is a national gun policy.”

Cuomo also supported a more comprehensive background check system.

“You have to check everyone before they buy the gun. And that is the rub. People who are law-abiding citizens say ‘Don’t bother me. Don’t check me. Only check the criminal.’ But you can’t check the criminal unless you check everyone,” he told reporters.

Police are still looking for the gunmen who fired between eight and 10 rounds in what is believed to be a gang dispute on Monday. The shootout occurred just hours before the West Indian American Day parade, a celebration of Caribbean culture. The New York Times reported that Gabay was caught in the crossfire and was shot in the head, requiring emergency surgery when he arrived in a hospital. Officers have recovered one gun and believe others were used in the shooting.

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6 thoughts on “NY Governor Cuomo Demands More Gun Control after Aide is Shot

  1. Why enact more laws when you don’t enforce the ones already in place. Also I’d be willing to bet the shots were fired by a gang member who probably should be in jail but due to asinine policy is on the streets. There is no deterrence for firearm use in crimes when offenders only have a year or two added to a sentence for it. Do these knuckleheads think it’s coincidental that the state with the lowest amount of firearm crimes is one where there are no restrictions on ownership. Criminals don’t care what laws are passed because it doesn’t affect them. Until there is a fear of the penalty for using a gun, this is going to continue. Maybe if they focused on keeping criminals in jail for longer than a few months you might see a decline. Probably not possible due to all the elitist views held by Cuomo and his lefty pals.

    1. It happened due to the fact that it was a gang related shooting you nimrod. And as you know, criminals don’t follow laws….

  2. You can’t check the criminal purchases period. Cuomo just wants to attack the law abiding citizen since he’s impotent to do anything about the criminal.

  3. Governor Cuomo,
    Think on this for a minute;
    We have had an ongoing problem with illegal drugs, and the rampant abuse of them for many years now, so we passed numerous laws against selling, manufacturing, possessing, importing/exporting, and distributing illegal drugs and even the paraphernalia that accompanies them and HOW IS THAT WORKING OUT FOR US.

    You see Governor the fact that you seem to have a problem understanding is that the criminals could care less about our laws, be it regarding guns, drugs, robbery, assault, murder, rape, theft, burglary, or any other activities that are against the law. They are going to do what they want to do, with what they want to do it. You can enact more gun control so the law abiding citizen has a more difficult time protecting themselves against these criminals and the criminal could care less and doing so will not even slow them down. If you were to outlaw guns then the only people without guns will be the law abiding people, because again the criminals do not care about your laws and will not abide by them.

    Guns being illegal has no bearing on the fact criminals can still get them anytime they want via the black market. We have criminal background checks but criminals, that never went through a background check, still have guns because they obtained them illegally. Why can’t you people understand that?

    I was a police officer in South Texas for twelve years and I can tell you from first hand information that the majority of criminals that commit crime with a handgun obtained that gun illegally on the black market. Outlaw guns here they will bring them in from Columbia, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, etc., etc.

    We do not need gun control we need criminal control, harsher penalties for the use of a firearm in a crime, say 20 years mandatory sentence on top of whatever the initial crime requires.

    You are not going to solve the problem until you zero in on the proper solution, an disarming your law abiding citizens is definitely not the answer. Only an idiot would do that.

  4. Sounds like the good mayor needs to take a look at his own people first. Tough gun control laws and they still have problems. Maybe just maybe it’s the people and not the guns. Perhaps they should give people a reason not to kill one another rather than a law saying it’s illegal. But what else do we expect from a bunch of mindless east coast political know it alls.

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