Do warm rounds have a higher velocity than cold ones? Some people claim that military snipers will warm up ammunition in the sun so the heat can create higher pressures inside the round, therefore leading to a higher velocity when fired.

Enter The Wound Channel, who decided “test” the rumor by leaving several rounds out in the sun until they’re burning hot. In contrast, another group of rounds were cooled down with air conditioning until they were cold to the touch. So do “hot” rounds really go faster? Watch the video below to find out.

We’re not totally sold on the results (it was quite a small sample size), but we think it could be a good start toward something more conclusive.

Image screenshot of video by The Wound Channel on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Does Warm Ammo Shoot Faster Than Cold Ammo?

  1. I spent a career manufacturing firearms, mostly for various military, and in doing so also involved in numerous testings of both weapon systems and ammunition. In some testing we would do, ammunition was heated in ovens to reach a given “x” degrees for a certain test, and the results of that heating was higher pressures being achieved when fired. I’m unsure of the effects of heating ammo in the sun for most commercial ammo, but would assume that it does similar as in our tests, although probably on a smaller scale and varies being uncontrolled in that manner. So anyway, I’m not surprised they are getting some higher velocities with the warm ammo vs cooler testing they are doing here.

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