Tim Wells of ‘Relentless Pursuit’ Impaled in Spear Hunt Gone Wrong


The hunt of a lifetime took a turn for the worse when one hunter found himself impaled by his own spear. Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit announced that he was recently injured during a trip to Africa when one of his spears dropped on his leg. Thankfully, the spear missed his femoral artery and Wells was able to stabilize the wound before being rescued.

“Yes it is true that Tim has been speared in Africa after climbing down from a tree he was hunting in,” his Facebook page stated. “Hunting alone, his spear fell when he was climbing down to retrieve a camera he had dropped. Six hours later he was rescued. Tim has been flown home where he has received the best possible medical attention.”

Wells wrote online that since he was hunting with the spear, there was blood on it from a previous kill. He focused mainly on putting pressure on the wound and fighting off sleep, which is common when experiencing blood loss. Being alone in this kind of situation is very dangerous. To his credit, the hunter was remarkably calm while filming the incident.

“Yes, I’ve been SLOCKED!! But I’m like a 3 legged coyote, it takes more than a hole through the thigh to give me a dirt nap,” he wrote. “Kerrie and I do want to say thank you for the overwhelming support. Especially all you wonderful gents who have offered to take my wife hunting during my state of peril. And for you who have caringly asked if it’s on film, yes, why yes it is.”

You can see the video below. Warning, it contains graphic images and is not for the squeamish. Skip to 13:30 for the injury.


Wells said he is slowly healing and is feeling better every day. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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