That is a very startling—and unappetizing—shade of blue.

Reddit user GlendilTEK recently posted these pictures online, claiming that the pig was harvested on private land by relatives near Morgan Hill, California. The feral pig appeared to be normal at first, but when the hunters cut it open, it revealed a layer of fluorescent blue fat. In the pictures it appeared that the rest of the pig was normal-looking and the blue color seems to be isolated entirely to the fat.

“We have no clue why the fat is this color but it is all over the pig no matter the section,” GlendilTek wrote.

The Weird Pig

Why is this pig blue? Is the meat safe to eat? GlendilTEK said they have contacted researchers at University of California, Davis and sent a sample in to determine a cause for the blue fat. In the meantime, observers seem to agree that it could be one of several things. Some speculated that the pig may have been consuming chemicals containing blue dye, that the coloration may be due to bacterial contamination, or that it may be caused by a genetic defect. So far, the most popular answer is that the animal had been eating something laced with rat poison.

In an article published by UC Davis, researchers explained that wildlife in California are often exposed to anticoagulant rodenticide (AR) through animals that have the most direct contact with it: rats, mice, and squirrels.

“Although uncommon, some AR baits contain a dye that causes a marked color change of fat and tissues in animals after ingestion,” the article stated, displaying a picture of blue pig fat similar to the one seen in GlendilTEK’s photos.

AR is extremely toxic, even to animals it was not designed to kill. The effects of rodent poison are specific to the species, and even large animals like dogs can still die from excessive AR consumption. With animals like pigs, liver damage and other health issues are expected.

Another hunter from Morgan Hill commented that AR is commonly left out for ground squirrels. They warned emphatically against eating the meat.

Sure enough, GlendilTEK later reported that local predators avoided the pig with the blue fat.

“Have not heard back on the results, but have let the carcass sit for about a day, no animals seem to touch it or try to eat it which was interesting,” GlendilTEK posted on Reddit. “Also, they reached out to there [sic] neighbors and no one mentioned any dying of food, but I will ask them if they will ask specifically about it. Lastly, they do have some old mercury mine shafts on the ranch, but those are filled in. They have also shot wild pigs before on their property and they have not been blue.”

Other, more amusing theories include a constant supply of water from a portable toilet, or as always, the involvement of aliens. OutdoorHub has reached out to wildlife officials in California for additional information.

What do you think caused the blue coloration? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Update 9-10-2015: A public information officer with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife responded to our inquiry and said the blue color was likely caused by rodent poison or pesticides. Blue fat in pigs is seen occasionally in California and is often a result of the animals eating ground squirrel bait. Officials do not recommend eating meat from these animals. 

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63 thoughts on “Photos: Wild Pig with Mysterious Blue Fat Found in California

    1. Nope! I bet ya, it must be of royal blood, a prince or a princess under spell by Maleficent and hasn’t
      transformed yet. Calling Maleficent . . . 🙂

    1. When you hunt pigs you need to immediately drain them of their blood or else it fouls the meat. Read the different articles on this event. They said that they drained it before cutting it open (per usual) and then discovered the blue fat.

    2. Are you really that stupid? I’ve killed and cut open many pigs and deer. Most of the blood has already been drained from the bullet/knife wound. So there’s very little blood when cutting open a carcass.

    3. The big was drained of blood before skinning and hitting, therefore will not bleed while skinning. You need pumping blood in order to bleed. Once the animal is dead for over 15 minutes, the blood closest to the surface coagulates and thinner blood will pool toward the center.

  1. I trap many coons and possums each year that have purple fat. I’m not a poo sniffer but I always thought these were animals that were feasting on fall berries, wild grapes and the like. So I’m going with the blue portable toilet water theory. I’d think eating enough AR to blue a whole pig would kill it PDQ.

  2. The cause of this is, alot of golf courses are setting out poison for the squirrels to eat that contain a blue dye and the wild pigs like to eat the squirrel crap which explains the blue fat in the pigs..

  3. The cause of this is from the golf courses, the golf courses will put out poison for the squirrels to eat that contains a blue dye, the wild pigs love to eat the squirrel crap, unfortunately the squirrel crap dyes the pigs fat blue..

  4. California has been trying to decrease wild pig population since 2003. This could be a transgenic wild pig released with a blue protein marker to track the ones that cannot reproduce. “…many state and national parks in California have initiated programs to control wild pigs to protect natural resources. […]efforts directed at wild pigs can improve the prospects for oak seedling survival in California oak woodlands. ”…/psw_gtr217/psw_gtr217_267.pdf

  5. And California is worried about lead bullets, they should really rethink what they are banning! I would think poison would trump out lead! Who wants too find that in the game they harvest?

    1. i couldn’t agree more, pesticides in your wild game you harvest can totally be avoided. Leaving poison out for non-targeted species is totally irresponsibile. There are more effective ways of killing squirrels without poisons. I have a Rodenator R3 and it is fantastic. Concussion kills the squirrels by igniting a propane/oxygen mix that has been pumped down their tunnel. It works great and no nasty chemicals used. That aside it sure is fun blowing stuff.

    2. If You consider the opinions CA politicians have about hunting and gun owners does it surprise you that much that unregulated poisoning of game is happening there?

  6. I hunt for Wild pigs in Florida and Ohio, have never seen one like that. It is important that after we are done with speculations and the Lab. results are available, (hopefuly) someone will update the hunting community. Thank you for a great report.

  7. Maybe the Pigs have blue fat due to the fact of the Blue Moon, or because they secretly desire to be dressed in blue jeans ? Of curse, like Ghandi, these Pigs could have been protesting British embargo on local indigo, or salt pork, or simply forgot to change their L.A.P.D. uniforms before going out jogging, or just maybe the blue in the sky leaked through their pigskins, and dyed them blue, but only the bacon layer, and associated fat, because it was blue ribbon USDA approved Kosher Pork, fit for any Muslim on planet EARth, and rather than stamping it purple, they injected it with dayglo blue in honor of IBM and the personal computer revolution, and the Patriot Act ,FISA spying anti Christ super fuck star spangled banner ? I’ll GO with the Saniflush and the 23 million gallons of Mexican feces pumped North every second of every shit filled day, into the Salton Sea. It work$ for me PIG$ !!! Blue pork rinds yummie . pass that salsa, por favor ??? Gracia$ De NADA p.u.666 . drink UP✌

  8. They only cut down to the fat layer. There is no blood until you get past the fat and into the muscle tissue. I can completely skin a deer without seeing a drop of blood until I cut into the muscle or abdominal cavity.

  9. Diphacinone oat bait is dyed blue for ground squirrel bait stations. If any neighbors had it they probably won’t admit it. Since you need a license to use it. That pig would have to eat a lot of it to be able to store the dye in its fat. The amount of diphacinone isn’t strong enough to kill a pig either.

  10. This is not a hoax I have seen it personally. We killed a pig and it’s fat was blue. It’s a result from the pig wallowing in squirrel bait or Porta Potty dumping. The dye in the bait and urinals byes the fat blue. Won’t harm the pig but will make a human sick. We actually showed the to Ca DFG and sent samples into the forensic lab in Sacremento and they confirmed it.

  11. I have blue color sweating which makes the white clothes blue
    I went to many doctors they never know what it is
    I think it is chemical poison
    Looking for a lab to test this blueish color clothing!!!!

    1. Really? You realize that we are talking about a feral species that causes billions in damage to farm land every year. Those damages cause higher food costs and on top of that the farmers crop is ruined so he’s screwed. So he deals with insurance or a government program for help which means it comes from taxes or it raises insurance rates. Not to mention the fact that the animal would have been eaten and lived a better life than any animal meat you buy at the store? Or are you vegan? In that case I point to all of the animals that get killed by the combines and tractors on the farms your food comes from.
      You’re a special kind da stupid aren’t you son?

  12. Pigs will eat anything…. maybe some type of dye or ink….. Paint gun (do they have a cartridge??) I am of the understanding guys go out in the woods, and play “cops and robbers,” with them, and maybe dropped a Blue one,,,,,,

  13. I think it is Squirrel poison too. I feel that it is being over used. I was walking on a trail by the American river, near Fair Oaks, CA and there was a guy spraying the blue poison along the trail, in a county park too. I got some on my jeans and it kind of erked me. Besides negatively affecting the bird population, such as Eagles and Hawks, who feed on the squirrels, this also affects the other animals who feed on the sprayed areas. This pig may not have died from it, but who knows what would have happened if someone ate the meat from this boar. I love wild boar sausage and most of it that I have had in my life has been from the same guy who shot this pig. I always looked forward to Deer season, because it also meant wild boar, even if no one got a deer, someone always got a pig. Knowing that this pig has been affected, how many of the deer in the area have too? What about cats and dogs getting into it too? This should open more dialogue about poison than anything else. We do not need another DDT on our hands.

  14. Why doesn’t anyone comment on the man’s unusually red hand and arm?

    Equally as strange? (Of course, unless it is blood.)

  15. Boy you better laught it up now Becouse you won’t be doing that soon. Becouse Gods comeing. He hates Peopke when they kill His Anumals. He will rain sulpher rocks it will be like The Lord of the Ribgs like this hole earth will brake apart all of us will die soon , soon

  16. There was a recent article suggesting that the state of Texas was going to implement the use of rat poison to reduce the number of feral hogs there. One of the side effects was that the fat on those hogs would turn this blue color.

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