What is the strangest thing you have ever found while fishing? For one angler in Concord, New Hampshire, he can now answer what was definitely the most dangerous. The Concord Police Department reported on Monday that a steel pipe bomb was recovered from the Merrimack River after it was identified by an angler. According to the Concord Patch, the device was described as being about six inches in length with caps on both ends, bound in electrical tape, and with a fuse still attached.

“I almost stepped on it,” the angler, who does not wish to be named, told the Patch.

The man called 911 and local police arrived to cordon off the area. After officials determined that the device may be an explosive, the state bomb squad was called in to retrieve the device. Nobody was hurt in the incident and officials suspect that the bomb may have been discarded in the river a long time ago. Police noted signs of rust and say that the device was stuck in the sand for a lengthy duration.

“It wasn’t something dropped there in the past week,” Concord Police Department LT. Tim O’Malley told the Concord Monitor.

Authorities are currently investigating to find who put the bomb there and for what reason.

Image from Israel Defense Forces on the Wikimedia Commons

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One thought on “New Hampshire Angler Discovers Pipe Bomb in River

  1. there were people that used to fish like that when i was a kid. i’m 70. carbide and a little water + a mason jar. water proof fuze and your choice of dust. i did not have access so i didn’t partake. i did feel for turtles. which is not the smartest thing in the world. i would have went got it if it didn’t work. i seem to try a lot stuff. still all my extremities, eyes and whatnot. still bald.

    ice cream. raz

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