Video: Slow-motion Taser Impact on Bare Skin


Yes, they really did find someone brave enough to test this Taser on.

If you’ve ever wondered how a Taser affects the human body, this video is perhaps the best example of that. The Slow Mo Guys traveled to the Arizona headquarters of Taser International to test out one of the company’s namesake products. Of course, for that, they need a human guinea pig.

Obviously, volunteering to get shot by a Taser is no easy decision. While designed to be less-lethal with minimal dangerous side effects, Tasers are still highly dangerous. The Taser from this test came from the X26 line, which also includes the company’s most powerful Taser. The X26c discharges a maximum of 50,000 watts at 26 volts and is by far the most popular choice for both law enforcement and self-defense among stun guns. To put that in perspective, that amount of electricity is enough to power roughly 5,000 full-sized LED bulbs or about 200 television sets.

Why anybody would willingly stand still to be shot by that is beyond us. On the bright side, being shot with a taser does make you look much more toned—for a few seconds while you’re in agonizing torment.

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