Video: Super-friendly Deer Nuzzles Dove Hunters


We have the sneaking suspicion that this buck is going to have a change of heart come deer season.

Most deer are afraid of humans, and the more experienced they are, the further they usually stay away. At least, that’s what is supposed to happen, but in the video below a young buck is more than happy to approach two dove hunters and even nuzzles them. Needless to say, the hunters are dumbfounded by their new hunting companion.

“We’re out here at the ranch dove hunting and all of a sudden this random wild deer decided to make friends with Jacob,” said the cameraman. “He just walked up to us.”

Sure enough, the deer was content to stick around and be petted like a large dog with some strange headgear. It is likely that the deer was just inexperienced and curious, or maybe it was checking out the opposition a few months in advance of deer season. Either way, it makes for a strange encounter.

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