Survey: Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Gun Policy


According to a survey recently conducted by CNN and ORC International, the majority of Americans are skeptical about new gun control laws, and just about half believe current regulations are “about right.” Further, the results from the nationwide survey indicate that most Americans are disappointed in the way that President Barack Obama is handling gun policy, despite more Democrat voters participating in the polling than Republicans.

The survey interviewed a total of 1,012 adults across a diverse range of backgrounds, locations, and political beliefs. Roughly 27 percent of the respondents identified themselves as Democrats, 24 percent as Republicans, and 49 percent as independents or affiliated with another party. CNN and ORC International stated in a press release that the sample size was weighted to reflect the nation at large based on race, gender, age, education, and other factors. Although the survey also asked questions on other topics such as abortion or immigration, gun control was one of the top themes.

Here is quick overview of the survey results:

  • When asked what they thought of President Obama’s current gun policy, 59 percent of respondents indicated that they disapproved, with 35 percent approving and five percent having no opinion.
  • Forty-one¬†percent of survey takers said it was too easy to purchase a gun, while 49 percent said current laws are about right and 10 percent said it was too difficult.
  • When asked how likely “more comprehensive background checks” would prevent those with mental health problems from buying a gun, 23 percent of respondents replied it was extremely likely, 21 percent very likely, 31 percent somewhat likely, and 25 percent not likely at all.
  • When asked how likely “more comprehensive background checks” would prevent criminals from buying guns, 21 percent replied extremely likely, 21 percent replied very likely, 23 percent replied somewhat likely, and 35 percent replied not likely at all.
  • When asked how likely ¬†“more comprehensive background checks” would create a burden for law-abiding citizens without health problems, 22 percent replied extremely likely, 20 percent replied very likely, 29 percent replied somewhat likely, and 28 percent replied not likely at all.

Generally speaking, women participating in the survey approved more of Obama’s current gun policy than men, and responded that firearms were too easy to purchase. Additionally, urban residents thought guns were easier to purchase than those participants from rural or suburban areas. Along party lines, Republicans responded overwhelmingly against Obama’s gun policy while Democrats generally approved.

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