According to a survey recently conducted by CNN and ORC International, the majority of Americans are skeptical about new gun control laws, and just about half believe current regulations are “about right.” Further, the results from the nationwide survey indicate that most Americans are disappointed in the way that President Barack Obama is handling gun policy, despite more Democrat voters participating in the polling than Republicans.

The survey interviewed a total of 1,012 adults across a diverse range of backgrounds, locations, and political beliefs. Roughly 27 percent of the respondents identified themselves as Democrats, 24 percent as Republicans, and 49 percent as independents or affiliated with another party. CNN and ORC International stated in a press release that the sample size was weighted to reflect the nation at large based on race, gender, age, education, and other factors. Although the survey also asked questions on other topics such as abortion or immigration, gun control was one of the top themes.

Here is quick overview of the survey results:

  • When asked what they thought of President Obama’s current gun policy, 59 percent of respondents indicated that they disapproved, with 35 percent approving and five percent having no opinion.
  • Forty-one percent of survey takers said it was too easy to purchase a gun, while 49 percent said current laws are about right and 10 percent said it was too difficult.
  • When asked how likely “more comprehensive background checks” would prevent those with mental health problems from buying a gun, 23 percent of respondents replied it was extremely likely, 21 percent very likely, 31 percent somewhat likely, and 25 percent not likely at all.
  • When asked how likely “more comprehensive background checks” would prevent criminals from buying guns, 21 percent replied extremely likely, 21 percent replied very likely, 23 percent replied somewhat likely, and 35 percent replied not likely at all.
  • When asked how likely  “more comprehensive background checks” would create a burden for law-abiding citizens without health problems, 22 percent replied extremely likely, 20 percent replied very likely, 29 percent replied somewhat likely, and 28 percent replied not likely at all.

Generally speaking, women participating in the survey approved more of Obama’s current gun policy than men, and responded that firearms were too easy to purchase. Additionally, urban residents thought guns were easier to purchase than those participants from rural or suburban areas. Along party lines, Republicans responded overwhelmingly against Obama’s gun policy while Democrats generally approved.

Image from Pete Souza/the White House

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6 thoughts on “Survey: Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Gun Policy

  1. What gun policy. AR’s are cheaper than they have ever been. All he does is talk. Illinois does it right. Miscreants will steal guns so no law addresses that. The only thing that will change this is letting the cops do their job . Innocent people will get caught up in it, but what is the alternative?

  2. The gun control issue, as we all should know, is mainly a social and generational issue, availability of guns having little to do with it. I doubt that anyone has the answer. I certainly do not. The bottom line is that having guns in the hands of only the police, military and and our completely untrustworthy government is the very last thing that we want.

  3. This was pretty incomplete and cheap the way it was titled. Obama doesn’t have a gun policy. He has stated two main points over and over again which are 1. Congress should make then gun laws and not the White House and 2. He thinks that their should be better comprehensive background checks for all. Pretty basic there right?? After every shooting some profile comes up on the shooter and there just seems to be too many Nuts in that bucket that could have been weeded out by better or just actually have a background check. I love guns. I have at 4 guns, just bought my mother a new one for my mom this past Mother’s Day WHICH SHE LOVED and we live in California. I sometimes think that California gun laws are silly but I have never thought they we’re burdensome. Silly because I can only buy one hand gun per 30 days. Silly because their is a gun roster list of hand guns I can and can not buy and for some stupid reason the state thinks that I shouldn’t have a Gen 4 Glock but all earlier a Gens are fine. But in no way actually burdensome to the point of making me not want to buy a gun. If you look at the stats/poll numbers given in the article all 3 questions of background checks actually showed the majority of people asked thought that background checks would help. Yes there was varying degrees of how much they could help BUT the majority said they thought they would so how does the article say anything different? I completely understand no one wants to have someone run a background check on ourselves but all gun owners definitely have a neighbor and a coworker that we think should be background check to eve drive a car or buy milk let alone to buy firearms.

    1. These gun laws that are presumably “silly” are carefully planned. Little chips away at the bedrock of the 2nd amendment. “shall not be infringed” is a strong statement, and has stood for a long time, but is now being supplanted by a so called call for reason. The attack on ARs, the restriction of certain handgun types in California, etc. It’s setting precidence, and allows for the rewriting until it is written out. Obama and his party is saying exactly that when they claim to stand for gun rights and then says the law should be changed by congress not the whitehouse. Don’t be fooled, it’s the same mouth. If NUTS are the problem why would we want to change gun laws? Shouldn’t the focus be on the problem? It’s like we’re saying it’s inevitable they are going to get to run around and do stuff to the real world, so we need to “baby proof” the house. No. We need to do something about the NUTS! They are going to be dangerous with a whole plethora of things. Cars, buses, rocks, knives, frisbees, etc. etc.

    2. 1 silly thing about only being able to buy 1 gun a month is that it might be hard to purchase something like a cased pair of revolvers unless there is a loophole that I am unaware of. Can someone tell me anything about that?

  4. I think that it’s a fact that so many sane Americans own guns that our country can defend ourselves against invasion, rioting, government overreaching, and crazys. I love spending time just target shooting, hunting, collecting many different kinds of guns. But i will keep adding gear to servive and protect my family. I am not a preper, I am prepared. I think that all true Americans should understand why we are a free, blessed country. Look to those who build this country with mussel and steel. When you watch TV/satellite, you see what I would call insane people, one being Obama. So He should not be able to own a gun right? If crazy people should be banned, ban the one who has DBL the national debt in 6 years. He sold America’s future. What about the People that pay to have there body parts cut off and pose as a different gender. So with the agenda of crazy people to be banned from owning/ buying a gun; who is to make that call. The standard seems to change every year. What would our founding fathers think about our government? Celebrities? Crazy, sick, perverted! If the left wings want to give up there guns, send them me.


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