Video: Anglers Mistake Deer with Vest for Hunter


No, deer, you’re doing it wrong. The hunters are supposed to be the ones with the vests.

Two anglers in Western Michigan spotted this deer near the Muskegon River and were surprised to find that it was wearing a blaze-orange vest. The deer wasn’t armed, but it did jump on their boat and begin nibbling their gear.

How did a deer of all critters get its hands on a vest? Judging from its demeanor and familiarity with humans, it’s a good bet that this deer probably spent a lot of time around people. It might be someone’s “pet” or it simply wandered into traffic enough times that some good Samaritan put a vest on it for visibility. Whatever the case, clothing wild deer is¬†generally not advisable since it removes their fear of humans. It also, apparently, encourages them to be a little frisky around people. One poor, unfortunate angler tried to take a potty break only to find himself the target of this amorous deer.

The video is an oldie, but too good not to share.

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