SilencerCo, a popular Utah-based manufacturer of suppressors and other firearm-related accessories, unveiled four new products this week in a launch event held in Key West, Florida. The product that caused the biggest stir was undoubtedly the Maxim 9, which the company claims to be the world’s first integrally suppressed 9mm pistol. According to sport shooter and professional marksman Chris Cheng, who attended the event, the Maxim 9 is built on the Smith & Wesson M&P platform.

“It’s super quiet,” Cheng commented after demonstrating the pistol on a series of floating targets off Key West.

You can see Cheng test the prototype Maxim 9 below:

SilencerCo has been reluctant to reveal too much about the Maxim 9 but promised more information in 2016, when the pistol will be released.

“We’re keeping exact product details under wraps since it is still in the final design stages, but one thing is certain—the Maxim 9 will forever change the way people think about firearms when they realize that there is no longer any reason guns have to be loud,” SilencerCo stated in a press release.

Other products announced include a versatile rimfire suppressor, a hybrid suppressor, and from SilencerCo’s new subsidiary, SilencerCo Weapons Research, a rail-mounted rangefinder. The first of the new suppressors is the rimfire Osprey Micro, which is compatible with .22 LR, .22 MAG, .17 HMR, and .17 WMR calibers.

The Osprey Micro suppressor.
The Osprey Micro suppressor.

The second of the new suppressors is the Hybrid jack-of-all-trades silencer.

“The Hybrid is compatible with pistols, rifles, and submachine guns in calibers up to .458 SOCOM and .45-70—truly the silencer with the widest array of uses—all while boasting stellar sound reduction,” SilencerCo stated.

The Hybrid silencer.
The Hybrid silencer.

The Osprey Micro is now available but customers will have to wait until 2016 to get their hands on the Hybrid. Also announced is the Radius rangefinder, which is capable of attaching to a Picatinny rail and includes a user configurable display, 12-hour battery life under continuous use, and a rugged exterior. The Radius is currently available for preorder.

SilencerCo Weapons Research unveiled their first offering in the Radius rangefinder.
SilencerCo Weapons Research unveiled their first offering in the Radius rangefinder.

Images courtesy SilencerCo

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