Video: Alaskan Moose Hunter Encounters Lone Wolf


Somebody must have told this wolf it was opening day of moose season.

A moose hunter near Alaska’s Neva Creek was more than a little surprised after he was approached by an inquisitive wolf while out in the field. Unlike the vast majority of other states, Alaska has a large wolf population and it is not to rare to see one of the animals in the wild. Thankfully for this hunter, this time it was just one nosy canine instead of a full pack.

“I don’t know, that was weird,” the man remarked after the wolf left.

Eric sees a wolf 9/1/15 near Neva Creek while moose hunting a ways north of Nome.

Posted by Brad Gater on Friday, September 4, 2015

Wolves generally avoid humans and attacks are remarkably rare, but it still doesn’t hurt to be on your guard in the presence of one of these predators. In isolated cases, packs of wolves have been known to make predatory attacks on humans. The last known fatal case occurred in 2010 near Chignik Lake, Alaska, where a jogger was killed by a remote pack.

Officials advise staying in groups and avoiding wolves altogether if possible. When faced with one or multiple animals, try to avoid eye contact, make yourself look bigger, and back away. In the worst case scenario and you are attacked, try to get into a petal position and protect your head and neck. Alternatively, those with a firearm or other weapon should try to fight back, but be warned: wolves in a pack may continue to attack despite resistance.

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