Hollywood movies make breaking locks with handguns look easy. However, as the Demolition Ranch team recently found out, padlocks are a lot tougher than they look.

The locks used in this test appear to be pretty standard keyed locks. You might think that they’d be in pieces after a few handgun rounds, but you would be wrong.

The locks held up to multiple rifle rounds and even a 12 gauge slug. The only round that was able to successfully bust open a lock with its first shot was a .50 BMG from a Barrett rifle. I guess those little padlocks are tougher than you thought!

Image from Demolition Ranch on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Find Out Which Calibers Can Blast Open Locks

  1. Those Master brand locks don’t open up easily with a blow to the front of them, as depicted in this video. Their “Aquilles heel” is a blow on top of the lock (between the shackle), downward. A very light weigh hammer works great for this. Strike the lock downward with a hammer 1-3 times and those locks give with ease. A small metal pipe used to squeeze between the shackle and resting on top of the lock, with a hammer blow downward on the other end of the pipe, busts them wide open. They are really piss poor “security” locks. A more solid cases lock (without those plates) works remarkedly better.

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