Video: Massive Cottonmouth Wrestles Rattlesnake


It’s a snake-eat-snake world out there, and not even one of North America’s most dangerous critters is safe from a hungry cottonmouth. In this video, what appears to be a juvenile eastern diamondback struggles in vain against a large cottonmouth, which are notorious for preying on other snakes. Under normal circumstances, a grown diamondback would be more than able to hold its own against the water moccasin. After all, eastern diamondbacks are the largest of all venomous snakes in North America, and widely considered to be one of the most venomous. These deadly snakes boast long fangs, a powerful bite, and venom so potent it can make a victim bleed from their mouth.

Unfortunately for this young rattlesnake though, the cottonmouth is clearly too large and aggressive for it to fight off. It’s not exactly a fair fight, but there are very few fair fights in nature. According to the video’s description, the cottonmouth consumed the rattlesnake shortly afterwards.

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