An Alberta man who dreamed of seeing a cougar in the wild got a little more than he bargained for when he was almost attacked by two wild cougars.

The video uploader, Donny Stone, said he was out for a run when two he noticed that he was being stalked by two cougars. After spotting the animals, he pulled out his camera and bear spray.

Seconds after he pulled out his bear spray one of the cougars ran at him, but instead of a meal the cougar got a face full of capsaicin. He then sprayed the other animal before it lunged, which scared them off.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Canadian Man Captures Two Cougars Attacking Him on Camera

  1. Cougars are amazing creatures. I’ve had them cross my trail several times in the mountains in Utah, and seen their tracks around the meadow where i was camped, but I’ve never had a close encounter like this. Pretty wild, although I do wonder why he kept advancing toward where he had seen them. Not really a good idea with cougars, bear or moose.

    I suddenly came across a moose cow with a calf once. She had her head down in a pool eating so I stopped as soon as I saw her. When she raised her head and saw me she was startled. It was tense for a few minutes until I was able to successfully back straight away so she wouldn’t be as alarmed by my movement.

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