No one ever said that being a wildlife officer was an easy job, and this video proves just how dangerous it can be. Please be advised this footage might be disturbing to some.

This  Arkansas Game and Fish Commission officer was allegedly responding to an armed robbery suspect fleeing police. The POV camera on the officer captured this shocking footage after the suspect tried to flee by driving into a wooded area off of the highway.

Considering the suspect was potentially armed, both the officer and the suspect are lucky that no one was injured. This just goes to show you that wildlife officers put their lives on the line just like other enforcement officials.

The video contains strong language.

Image from RamblingExplorer on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Video: Arkansas Game and Fish Officer’s Shocking Pursuit and Arrest

  1. Stupid! The tactics employed by the wildlife officer were horrible! Driving side-by-side to the suspect, against the flow of traffic, with only one hand on the wheel, parallel to the ARMED suspect’s tinted passenger window, yelling at the suspect to stop as if his voice can even be heard…I could go on…. Then the officer looses self control of his emotions and places his gun against the body of the suspect, while screaming like a girl whose loosing his voice! Geese, not impressed with this Possum-police officer’s piss poor tactics and demeanor.

  2. i thick the officer went a little over board the car never tried to run into them ,the person did not point a gun at them . i know they needed to stop him but the officer pulling out there gun while chasing him down the interstate thas just stupid.

  3. I really think the langue and the constant threat of telling the person over and over and over I will Kill you Mother F*** at the top of your lungs Really helped in taking him into custody . yep that’s giving them the fear of death and grabbing him by the hair of the head and slamming him down on the ground. Yep guilty until proven innocent. Yep that’s our constitution at work. I wonder if they had to give him a case of diapers after all that.

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