You wouldn’t think that a bear release would draw a crowd of spectators, but in some cases it does. Capturing and releasing bears is a time-consuming process and not one that wildlife officers ever want to repeat—at least, not with the same bear. At release time, some agencies will have noisemakers and dogs on-hand to give the animal one last scare. The objective here is to make its last encounter with humans as negative as possible. Hopefully, that will reinforce the animal’s natural fear of humans and make it less bold in the future. Karelian bear dogs, which are highly specialized in hunting bears and dominating the animals with its loud bark, are a popular choice for this.

Unfortunately, sometimes even a few days in a bear trap is not enough to calm the critter down. This can be especially true of sows that are captured along with their cubs. Stressed, agitated, and overprotective of their young, these bears may react badly during their release.

Especially if you happen to be snapping pictures in the path of the oncoming bear family. If this sow was a few more pounds heavier, this could’ve have been a deadly situation.

Image screenshot of video by 2415elcapitan on LiveLeak

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12 thoughts on “Video: How a Bear Release Can Go Horribly Wrong

  1. MORONS! Why would you want to harrass a sow with a cub? You are soooooo stupid! She lost that cub. At least for a long time. That thing hauled ass, and the sow was faced with threats everywhere! How could the DNR allow these people even to be present? Initially I thought it would be the peanut gallery standing there all in a row would be the ones the bear took after. It turns out the bear was following the cub when it encountered a whole ‘nother set of idiots.

  2. RETARD JACK ASSES! Why on earth did they release the Bears with all of these people around? Unbelievably stupid! Second, all of those people, including the camera man are a bunch of horse’s a$$es! They could have been the demise for the sow and cub, had officials been forced to shoot them. Stupid nature loving granola eaters.

  3. What a bunch of stupid people. Hopefully Game and Fish did not have to kill the sow and cub at some later time because of the stupidity of all the people in this video including the Game and Fish guys for allowing the idiots on the sidelines.

  4. It’s hard to believe that people could be so bloody stupid. Game and Fish need a good kick in the arse for letting people be around while releasing animals like this. Unbelievable pack of dumb idiots the whole lot of them.

  5. While I do not know for sure if it was the DNR doing the release, but if it is we have yet another example of the complete incompetence of wildlife officials when it comes to bears. For those who are not aware, the Minnesota DNR has closed down the Bear Research Center, in Ely, ability to collar bears claiming they were creating a dangerous situation because bears were becoming accumulated to people. Had the officials in this video headed any of the information and advice coming out of the BRC they would have known that having dogs around wild black bears is an extremely dangerous situation. Black bears are basically not predatory. Meaning they have the attributes behavior of pray species. They climb trees to get away from danger. A black bear does not know the difference between a dog and a wolf. He can not catch a dog, which might be harassing him, but could catch the dog’s stupid owner. The bear is just trying to defend itself or its cub. Personally I would not mind if more stupid people were attacked by wildlife, but I guess that would be politically incorrect.

  6. What a bunch of morons. They have no knowledge or appreciation for what even a small bear can do to a human with the swipe of a paw.

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