A word of advice: unless you are a qualified wildlife expert, please don’t try to “save” wild animals.

The girl featured in this video had admirable intentions, but the gopher tortoise she was trying to save is a land-based. After the girl mistook the tortoise for an aquatic turtle, she tossed it into a pond, but tortoises can’t swim.

Hopefully the gopher tortoise was able to escape the pond unharmed.


Image from horde checkage on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Girl Tries to “Save” Non-aquatic Tortoise, Throws It into Pond

  1. You f’n fool! Go read a book! You boobs are a detriment to yourselves and others. Admirable intentions my butt! Your willful ignorance cancels out any attempt at being a benefit to society. Stay in the idiot bubble please!

  2. What a twit. Hopefully Game and Fish were able to find the idiot and fine her for her stupidity. Hope the tortoise was able to get out of the pond.

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