Video: How Angry Bobcats Communicate


Bobcats are, as a general rule, not too friendly with one another. Like mountain lions, bobcats are highly territorial animals and will never share their ranges with one another, if they can help it.

Females can be especially aggressive in defending their territory from a rival, and two bobcats in the same area may mean a fight, or, in the case shown below, a long screaming match. This is because the average territory size of a female bobcat is just five square miles, while males can wander across 25 to 30 square miles. That doesn’t mean that males like having competition, either, but they are generally more used to it.

This video, reportedly taken in Carrollton, Texas, shows two bobcats in a verbal standoff. If you’ve never heard an angry bobcat before, it’s not exactly a pleasant sound.


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