Video: Tragedy Strikes Routine Falconry Demonstration


It takes a lot of time and dedication to train a hunting falcon, which makes it especially heartbreaking when a bird is lost. Two television hosts with a Danish hunting show recently traveled to France for a demonstration of falconry in action, but what should’ve been a routine flight quickly ended in disaster after the bird veered into traffic.

As a general rule, falconers avoid freeways and other areas with fast-moving traffic as much as possible. It is not known why the hunters in this case decided to release the bird so close to the road. Perhaps they thought the raptor was experienced enough and it would not be a hazard. In any case, you can see how visibly distraught the falconers were after the incident.

“That’s life, that’s life,” said one of the French trainers.

“There are no words,” said another.

The video contains content that may be considered graphic.

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