NRA Crowns Bruce Piatt New World Shooting Champion


The dust from the NRA’s 2015 World Shooting Championship (WSC) in West Virginia has settled and a new world champion has emerged. Professional shooter Bruce Piatt has earned the high title, edging out Daniel Horner of the US Army Markmanship Unit by just three points.

Presented by Magpul, the WSC gathered some of the world’s most skilled shooters in an intense three-day competition from September 24 to 26 in a bid to crown the world’s best shooter.

At the end of it all, top honors went to a seasoned firearms instructor and competitor from New Jersey.

“It’s been a very challenging and rewarding 3 days at the NRA World Shooting Championship,” Piatt wrote on Facebook. “Twelve different shooting disciplines combined into one match. The title of World Shooting Champion and a big check is making the trip home with me tomorrow. Thanks go out to all of my sponsors and family for making it possible for me to shoot as much as I do. To the people at the NRA and Magpul for putting on this event and for everyone who worked so hard to make it a success.”

Piatt, a five-time winner of the Bianchi Cup, recently won his first Heavy Metal Optics Division at the FNH-USA 3-Gun Championship in West Virginia earlier this month. With the WSC win under his belt, Piatt can truly lay claim to being the “undisputed World Shooting Champion.” Piatt also received $25,000 from the WSC’s overall prize pool of $250,000 in cash and awards. The top five overall shooters were rounded out by Greg Jordan, Jerry Miculek, and BJ Norris, who placed third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

Overall ladies winner Dianna Muller hoists her first-place check.
Overall ladies winner Dianna Muller hoists her first-place check.

Dianna Muller won the Ladies overall, followed by Lena Miculek and Gabby Franco.

“This just happened!! I pulled off a win at the NRA World Championships, 12 disciplines over 3 days! Thanks to my Daddy-o for teaching me fundamentals!!” an ecstatic Muller posted to her Facebook.

The WSC’s 12 stages included cowboy action shooting, running and gunning in a 3-gun-esque format, and long-distance shooting out to 600 yards.

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