Can you guess who wins this showdown between a mountain lion and a mule deer?

This vintage footage from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife shows a mountain lion squaring off with a mule deer. The footage is pretty unique, as very few interactions between mountain lions and mule deer have been caught on film.

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6 thoughts on “Rare, Vintage Footage Shows Mountain Lion Attacking Mule Deer

  1. @1:06, it sure looks like the deer is down on its side and its chest cavity and intestine have been opened up. Then the cougar strolls away. The film was obviously heavily edited. I think the lion actually took down the deer. Look closely at the video by pausing it.

  2. I have to question the authenticity of these old videos. Ever since the information was released about how Marlin Perkins Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom staged most of the animal interactions presented on the show. The fact this video shows the fight from several different angles, indicates that several cameras were set up prepared to capture the action. This was not something that was caught on a trail cam or something that a film crew just happened upon.

  3. It looks like a well fed zoo lion who has no idea how to capture a deer. The dead deer looks more like a human kill than a lion kill.

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