Canadian Man Captures Wolf Attacking Dog on Camera


It’s difficult to conceptualize just how large wolves are until you watch a video like this.

The uploader of the video, Chris Street, works as a fishing guide in northern Saskatchewan. He’s quite used to seeing bears around his camp. However, this year wolves started showing up around the lodge. Chris first spotted the wolf the in the video below through a window of their fishing lodge.

Soon after they saw the wolf, Chris and the lodge manager, Dan, ran outside to scare it off.

Dan’s dog, Trigger, followed the two and pursued the wolf. It was then that the wolf turned around and confronted Trigger.

“The wolf grabbed the dog in the back end and threw her up in the air right in front of me,” Chris told OutdoorHub via email. Chris stopped once the wolf got close to Dan’s dog.

Dan fired a shotgun into the air and broke the fight up. Dan and Chris followed the wolf into the woods and fired one more shot into the air to keep it running.


Chris added in a later tweet that Trigger survived, but sustained a few injuries.

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