It’s difficult to conceptualize just how large wolves are until you watch a video like this.

The uploader of the video, Chris Street, works as a fishing guide in northern Saskatchewan. He’s quite used to seeing bears around his camp. However, this year wolves started showing up around the lodge. Chris first spotted the wolf the in the video below through a window of their fishing lodge.

Soon after they saw the wolf, Chris and the lodge manager, Dan, ran outside to scare it off.

Dan’s dog, Trigger, followed the two and pursued the wolf. It was then that the wolf turned around and confronted Trigger.

“The wolf grabbed the dog in the back end and threw her up in the air right in front of me,” Chris told OutdoorHub via email. Chris stopped once the wolf got close to Dan’s dog.

Dan fired a shotgun into the air and broke the fight up. Dan and Chris followed the wolf into the woods and fired one more shot into the air to keep it running.


Chris added in a later tweet that Trigger survived, but sustained a few injuries.

Image courtesy Chris Street

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38 thoughts on “Canadian Man Captures Wolf Attacking Dog on Camera

  1. Couldn’t see much in this video, but the dog was harassing the wolf and rushed-in too close. What do expect the wolf to do, shake hands? Could’ve easily killed that dog, but didn’t. A defensive reaction; blameless.
    Now I wouldn’t be surprised if some idiots want to exterminate every wolf within a 50-mile radius.

  2. I am not a big fan of wolfs. But what was the owner of the dog thinking.
    A wolf is not known for tucking tail and running away.
    Besides that; the title of the video eas miss leading.

  3. It’s funny to me that the bunny hugging idiots wants wolves in everybody’s backyard but theirs. Now there are area’s that are suffering shortages of game animals because of an over abundance of wolves. ANUS (Animal Nuts of the United States) play off this in order to control or abolish hunting in areas where wolves are already over populated, and the FOOLS in D.C. traipse right along like the good little bell sheep they are. I considered offering an idea where we feed he wolves all the liberals in this country, but that thought fizzled when I found out it was illegal to poison wildlife……

    1. Well, here is how I see it. If you want to be near Wilderness, you MUST except what comes with it. I am no tree Hugger, BUT If you cannot live with the Wild move away from it. It is Wild. How can you say you are an Outdoors Person when you want to pick and choose what Nature is allowed? Go to Disney land or on a Cruise, stay out of the Woods. this Video shows a lack of understanding on the Dog Owners part. The Wolf was either real Young, or Sick. Man has a Genetic Hatred of Wolves and Coyote. It would be Sad if Wild Lands where turned into “Safe” Theme Parks.

  4. I was shocked watching this video. The dog owner is a true moron waiting to his dog was attacked to do something ? Moron is not a strong enough word for him. Kudo’s to the Wolf for protecting itself

  5. Well folks that was my dog. I went for the shot gun once the wolf came into camp. The hole ordeal lasted only seconds. Keep in mind firearms are always locked and ammo stored seperatly. Once the the wolf grabbed the dog I was there firing.

    1. No one gives a damn where you store the ammo. You live in the sticks, bro. What I’m wondering is, why in the hell did you film the whole thing and not take action sooner? If that were my dog, that wolf would’ve been full of buck shot before my dog ever barked at it.

  6. Dont listen to the tree hugging idiots. If that wolf was on their property they’d be begging for someone with a gun to come protect them,their dogs possibly their children….maybe…after all their kids do have the option of throwing books at it, like… “Defense for Dummies” by Barak Hussein…., “How to avoid being eaten alive” Jeffery Dahlmer or “I will Survive” by Donna Summer.
    Not sure if tree huggers are good eating to a wolf but they certainly are easier to chew when there’s no backbone.

  7. Pretty poor video work, the guy panicked as soon as the wolf turned on the dog who was harassing it and we really don’t know what happened except for what he says.

    What did the owner think was going to happen? Wolves are wild animals who have to fight for survival every single day; they don’t lay around eating $2.50 a can dog food and getting their ears scratched. As for the wolves coming into more populated areas looking food because habitat reduction has reduced the deer population, I suppose you figure the wolves will just stay out in the woods and starve. Yeah, I would protect my dog too, but you can’t really blame the wolves . . . they’re just hungry. You ever been hungry? I mean REALLY hungry?

  8. Why put your dog in harm’s way? I just love how certain morons call us tree huggers because we come to the defense of the wolf. I’ll be a tree hugger and wolf lover any day, instead of a nimrod who lacks a respect for wildlife that existed long before we did.

  9. I hate wolf”s, but that was stupid, what did the dog owner expect? He’s damn lucky the wolf didn’t go after him.

  10. Had a perfectly good opportunity to grab a rifle and put a bullet in that moose murdering wolf, would have shot first then grabbed the camera, kill that thing geez

  11. It seems to me the outcome would have been similar if that dog had attacked my one-hundred-ten pound German Shepard . What’s the big deal ? Post a picture of the dog’s owner , title it ” The Dunce ” .

  12. I personally would like to see most wolves gone. In this case the wolf was there and it is pretty well known how wolves naturally react to household pets. I give the owner a c- in this case. If he hadn’t been armed it would be an F.

  13. The man filmed and shared a video with us. We saw most of the encounter and I too would have been less involved with the camera after the encounter became perilous for the dog.
    No one here is an idiot or moron. I’m not sure why we have to jump in and pass judgement on someone everytme someone shares a video. He didn’t invite the wolf into camp, and he acted when he saw trouble. It’s easy to sit in an arm chair and render judgement on a confrontation that happens this quickly. Besides, I’ve never had a lot of luck getting my sporting dogs to back down when the dog’s adrenalin gets the better of him. Everybody has an opinion, but I’ve always felt that part of being a sportsman is being a gentleman (or lady). Let’s show a little class with our responses lest no one will be interested in sharing.
    Thanks for the video, and you’re welcome in my camp anytime.

    1. He’s welcome in my camp as well. Too many armchair quarterbacks passing judgement without experiencing the situation.

    2. No, he acted when it was too late. His dog was injured. Instead of trying to get some footy for the boys, set the phone down and fill that wolf full of lead.


  15. On the last comment, this incident happened in northern Sask, not the US. The title of this article is misleading people, thanks Outdoor Hub for the nonsense. I guess just another way to get people to look, all about advertising cash. Right ,Outdoor Hub!. I don’t understand why people get so upset if a wolf attacks a dog. Think of how many urban dogs attack other dogs and humans. Far more than a few wolf attacks. By the way, am not a tree hugger, but a hunter of many many years. Please use common sense here.

  16. Letting your dog bark at and run after a wild Wolf, really? The Wolf was not the aggressor, the dog was. The dog went after the Wolf, not visa versa. The Wolf only went after the dog to protect itself. Shooting into the air was the right thing to do. Next time, don’t let your dog harass the Wolf and there weren’t be any problems like this!

  17. This could have been a bear, a mountain lion, or heck, another dog being aggressive, but because it’s a wolf it becomes news? Wow. I like wolves, but I’m not a crazy wolfaboo nut and for that matter not many people commenting seem to be. They all have a lot of sense and they are being called out as “tree-huggers.” Seriously common sense. If I see a wild animal that could endanger my dog I don’t let my dog out or call him back in. It could be a buck and he could get gored. It could be a raccoon and he could get bitten. He should have put the phone down and tried to call back his dog. The wolf wants no part of this at all. Now had the wolf been attacking it like this article title suggested, then there is a reason to get the gun out. OR even better, don’t put you or your pet in that situation! I don’t get people who leave their dogs or cats outside alone in their backyards in wolf or puma country and then get upset their dog got eaten. When I go walking in the woods with my dog I have him on a leash, it’s that simple (mostly because if he sees a squirrel, he’s gone). And stop calling it murder when wolves eat moose and elk, calling the wolf a murderer. A moose could kill you and your dog if they were ticked off enough. Nature isn’t nice. They aren’t maliciously killing moose, it’s food! You don’t blame the lion when he takes down a gazelle, why? Is it because he is more charismatic than the wolf? More like Disney? Oh Lordy we must save Bambi from the Big Bad Wolf! And before everyone trolls this comment and calls me out as a tree-hugger, I am NOT against hunting, I collect taxidermy, I am not a wolf fanboy, but I don’t think eliminating wolves is the answer. In this case, just shoot into the air and scare the wolf off from the start.

  18. Kato, well said and I agree, along with many many people. Amazing how some people jump on the band wagon and everyone is called “tree hugger” just because they have a good sense opinion.

  19. I guarenf—ntee you that if not killed this wolf will be back. They are smart and being shot at and not hit , all he heard was a loud noise, Hey that loud bang didn’t hurt me. and the more loud bangs i hear and survive. The less i’ll be afraid. Don’t you people get it !! He wasn’t there to play . He was on a scouting mission. Looking for a meal, or just to FLAT OUT KILL SOMETHING OR SOMEONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Where I come from we live by the S-3 rule! Shoot, Shovel and Shut up. I don’t hunt Wolves but if one came into my camp it wouldn’t have a chance at my dog. I’ve had many occasions when my dogs have been to pumped up to obey me, and yes they are well trained. I didn’t hear this man even attempt to call off his dog though. He wanted Facebook fame that I am contributing to. Next time fool put down your camera and follow the S-3 rule…

  21. Reminds me of the title of one of Charlie Russell’s cowboy paintings, “When a fellow needs a .45”. We need to populate Central Park in NYC and the Golden Gate Park in San Francico with a few packs. It would surely help “balance” the overpopulation of two-legged nut cases.

  22. 99% of all the comments were harassing the dog and the dog owner the fact of the matter is the DNR made a very drastic mistake by reintroducing the wolf as there are no deer left in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula eyewitness 15 wolves on an 8 day archery hunt & rest assured I felt like assassinating every single one of them

  23. I saw the wolf retreat and your dog re-engage!
    Deserves what he got!
    Were you going to dispatch it with your camera?
    Very misleading story!!

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