This may be a case of taxidermy being too life-like. Curious about how their cats will react to the presence of a stuffed bobcat, these pet owners decided to introduce one of the “wild” felines into their home. Cats being cats, they just had to investigate the intruder. One of them even eventually musters the courage to slowly inch forward and give the bobcat a good sniff.

Predictably, their reaction is priceless.

It should be noted that bobcats are one of the most common predators of domesticated felines. Bobcats will readily hunt down feral house cats or even a free-roaming pet if given the chance, so experts advise keeping your cats indoors if you see these predators roaming around your neighborhood.

This bobcat won’t be going anywhere except maybe over a mantelpiece.

Image is a screenshot of video by samspace81 on YouTube

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